It Looks Like You'll Be Able To Control OnePlus TV With Alexa

Amazon Alexa

OnePlus TV is likely to arrive with Amazon Alexa support.

This is based on the spotting of a OnePlus TV Alexa skill on the Amazon India website.

While the skill does not appear to be live on other regional Amazon pages, that’s not surprising considering OnePlus TV is due to launch in India first.


Android TV and Alexa

It was already confirmed OnePlus TV will run on Android TV. That in itself implies Google Assistant will be available. However, it now seems Alexa support will also be on offer for those more tied to Amazon’s smart ecosystem.

The new OnePlus TV Alexa skill page specifically details many of the commands that can be used. For example, users will be able to turn the TV on or off, change the input, change channels or adjust the volume through Alexa.

Not only is OnePlus TV expected to launch in India first, but Amazon is expected to be the only retailer you can buy the TV from during the initial launch phase. Due to the assumed partnership between OnePlus and Amazon, the inclusion of Alexa support seems like a natural addition.


The premium and unique OnePlus TV

Ever since it became clear OnePlus TV was close to launching, OnePlus has been drip-feeding the public with information. Most of these teasers have come in image form with renders of the TV and the remote coming through.

The company has also confirmed the TV will run on Android TV, will be available in 55 inches (possible other sizes as well), and will utilize QLED technology.

In nearly every teaser, OnePlus has been keen to promote a premium selling point. Not only premium in terms of the specs, but also the design in general. For example, one of the most recent teasers hinted at the TV’s premium back.


OnePlus has also been keen to explain that it’s version of Android TV, won’t be a standard version. Instead, it has been tweaked by the company to offer a unique and better Android TV experience.

In fact, OnePlus previously suggested its changes to Android TV will trickle out to other devices in the future. In other words, Google is adopting some of those changes and they’ll be available for use by other brands.

OnePlus TV is expected to launch sometime in September and while the price has yet to be confirmed, the company has made it clear this will not be a cheap TV.