OnePlus Just Posted Pictures Of The OnePlus 7T


OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau just posted a couple of pictures of the unannounced OnePlus 7T on Twitter. Showcasing its fourth-generation matte-frosted glass.

These pictures showcase the backside of the OnePlus 7T, and not the front. So the front is still a mystery, for now. But that will likely change as we get closer to the launch on September 26 (that's next week!).

A familiar, but still new design

The OnePlus 7T does look somewhat similar to the OnePlus 7. But the camera module is very different. Instead of it being a vertical camera module, with all three cameras in a vertical line, OnePlus has a much larger circular module for the cameras.


The cameras are horizontal this time, with the flash at the bottom. The reason for this larger module has not been detailed just yet. But it wouldn't be too surprising to see OnePlus house all of the sensors in that large module. Like laser autofocus and such.

oneplus 7t leak pete lau 2
OnePlus 7T

OnePlus did stick with a blue color for the OnePlus 7T. It may not be called "Nebula Blue" though. It has a darker color blue at the top, and goes into a lighter color at the bottom.

We can also see that the power button is still on the right with the Alert slider, and the volume rocker on the left.


There's still plenty of questions remaining about the OnePlus 7T though, and those should get answered next week.

OnePlus continues to build hype for its new phone

OnePlus is famous for not doing commercials, and not doing traditional advertising for its smartphones. It instead relies on social media and word of mouth advertising. It has worked pretty well for them so far.

One way that OnePlus does this, is to announce the launch date of its next phone, then start revealing the design, features and specs one-by-one, leading up to the event. Which is what it is doing today.


Though, this is the first time that OnePlus has completely outed the design of a phone before it was actually announced. They've given us hints and possible materials that it might be using. But never given us pictures of the actual design.

This is something we've started seeing more and more of lately though. Google did the same thing, but much earlier in the cycle. Google outed the Pixel 4 months ahead of the unveiling, not a week ahead of the unveiling.

OnePlus will continue to send out tweets and blog posts about the upcoming OnePlus 7T, up until September 26 when the device goes official.