Nokia Power Earbuds Introduced With Improved Water Resistance And Longer Playback Time

Nokia Power Earbuds Black

During its IFA 2019 presentation, HMD Global also unveiled the Nokia Power Earbuds. The company says the True Wireless Earbuds released last year received a good response and so it has decided to expand its lineup of accessories.

Nokia Power Earbuds’ Charging Case Provides 150 Hours Of Battery Life

The highlight of the earbuds is that they come with a portable charging case. In addition to keeping the accessory safe, the case will also juice up the earbuds. When it’s charged fully, the case can offer up to 150 hours of battery life for the true wireless earphones. With one charge, the earbuds offer 5 hours of audio playback time. The case can charge the headphones up to 30 times.

The charging case has a battery capacity of 3000mAh. Needless to say, this is quite a lot for earbuds and can come in handy for people who use the accessory a lot. Measuring 79 x 48.5 x 31mm, the case is quite compact, so you can carry it around easily.


Another noteworthy thing about the new earbuds is that they have an IPX7 water resistance rating. This is a huge improvement over the company’s first wireless earbuds that feature an IPX4 rating. HMD Global says that you do not need to take them off when you go for a swim. Similarly, you can also go out in the rain sporting these earbuds, as per the company’s claims.

That being said, we advise that you do not get carried away. The reason behind that is water-resistant devices are not necessarily waterproof and they can last in water only a limited amount of time. In this case, the upper limit is 30 minutes. Thus, it’s better to exercise caution if you want the accessory to last a long time.

The New Earphones Are Expected To Provide Better Sound Quality Than True Wireless Earbuds

Moving on, the wireless earphones come with 6mm Graphene drivers that HMD Global says deliver high-quality audio. Nokia’s True Wireless Earbuds have received some pretty decent reviews for sound quality and noise isolation and with the new driver, we can expect better results. The in-ear accessory also supports Bluetooth 5.0 and provides easy, one-touch access to the Google Assistant.


In addition to the charging case, the earphones will ship with a USB Type-C cable and three pairs of interchangeable bud ends. These will be in the size small, medium, and large. This way you will be able to choose the ear tip that easily fits into your ear.

The earphones will be available in the colors Charcoal Black, White, and Light Grey. They will retail for €79 in Europe when the go on sale next month. During its IFA presentation, HMD Global didn’t really provide a lot of details regarding the availability, so we will have to wait and see where else they will officially be sold.

Although Nokia’s wireless earbuds do not have chart-topping specifications, they still seem pretty good. And of course, they are pretty affordable. Thus, they might be a good option for smartphone users looking for in-ear wireless earbuds that are easy on the pocket.