Nintendo Teases Mario Kart Tour Tokyo Course In Live Action Ad

Mario Kart Tour Tokyo Course

Nintendo is really hyping up Mario Kart Tour leading into its September 25 launch.

The latest bit of excitement to surround the upcoming mobile game is a live action ad. In it, Nintendo teases the Tokyo course, which will be one of the locales players can race through.

Tokyo isn’t the only real-life location in Mario Kart Tour

If you’ve been keeping up on Mario Kart Tour then you may already know, but Tokyo isn’t the only real-life location in this game.


Back on August 26 when Nintendo announced the game’s release date it also put out a collection of ads for it. One of those ads was called “Race Around The World.”

This shows off a collection of different cities that courses are based on. Tokyo is one of them. While you don’t get to see what the course looks like in the live action ad, it does appear in the older video.

Other cities you can race through include Paris, possibly China or Hong Kong by the looks of things (you only get a small glimpse), and maybe New York?


The Tokyo course may not be available at launch

This is purely speculative, but the Nintendo course may not be available right away.

Nintendo hasn’t stated as much, but based on the video’s title it seems like a possibility. The live action ad says the Tokyo course is “under construction” which might suggest that Nintendo is working on it as a future course to be added.

It’s also entirely possible that this is just an appropriate title for the video’s fun theme. In which case, the course should be available at launch after players unlock it through gameplay.


Can you find all the easter eggs?


Nintendo says there are hidden easter eggs to be found in this new video. The company mentions the first one, which is the game’s release date.

This of course is not a new piece of information as Nintendo confirmed the launch date just over a couple of weeks ago.


The other easter eggs however could be something new that Nintendo hasn’t talked about yet. It also isn’t giving any hints as to what they may be. That being said it might be worth going over the add a few times to see if you can spot anything.

Mario Kart Tour will be launching on September 25 on both Android and iOS devices. It’ll be a free game on Android, with optional in-game purchases that can be made. If you didn’t get a chance to play the beta, the game is worth checking out once it releases.