New Pixel 4 Leak Describes Motion Sense Features


A new Pixel 4 leak is shedding some light on the motion sense features coming with the phone.

According to a YouTube video from This is Tech Today, leaked images show off the settings menu for Motion Sense on the new Pixel 4.

The menus describe some of the capabilities that it will give to users.


You can use Motion Sense to check notifications

As this makes use of the Project Soli chip, users will be able to perform certain movements and gestures to complete various functions.

Checking your notifications looks to be one of those functions. One of the screens from the Motion Sense settings menu displays a toggle for "reaching to check your phone."

When enabled, you can reach for your phone and Motion Sense will recognize this movement. This will light up the display and show the user things like time, date, and notifications.


Think of it like the always-on-display which lights up after you pick up your device. Only, without the "picking up your device" part.

Manage your music playback too

This isn't really a new piece of information since Google already teased it. Back on July 29 no less.

It does reiterate the fact though that users will be able to use certain gestures to skip tracks. In Google's video a user is shown skipping to the next song with a hand wave.


You'll be able to skip backward to previous tracks too. Skipping ahead requires a hand wave to the left, while skipping back to a previous song takes a swipe to the right.

If you listen to music on your phone often, this will probably be pretty useful.

Silence those pesky interruptions

Sometimes you just want to be left alone. In today's world that isn't always easy thanks to the always-connected lives offered by smartphones.


While it's not terribly hard to silence incoming calls and notifications, the Pixel 4 will make it easier, and more hands-free.

A hand wave over the device display will allow you to silence both alarms and voice calls. No picking up your phone and actually manually touching the device to complete the same thing.

There's no detail on whether this will silence notifications too, but judging from the screenshot it will just be for calls and alarms.


Still, the alarms portion is likely to be enough for many people. Think about all those times where you just want five more minutes of sleep after your alarm goes off. Also think about how much effort it takes to pick the device up or drag your finger across the screen.

No more. A quick hand wave will do.