Nest Hub Max Officially Available Next Week

Google Nest Hub Max AM AH 11

The Nest Hub Max is arriving very soon, and in fact it’s officially available next week.

Specifically, it’s going to be here on September 9, which is this coming Sunday. That will be the day that anyone wishing to get their hands on it can purchase one and have it shipped out. Save for any situations that may delay the shipping, like running out of stock.

Google already revealed the release date months ago

Google initially revealed that the Nest Hub Max would be officially released on September 9 earlier in the Summer. However, it promptly removed the details from the support page the same day and has only now just put things back.


It’s also worth reiterating that the date that was listed on July 23 was found on the support page. Now, it sits front and center on the product page.

If you scroll down once the product page loads, the date pops into view just under the first image.

Google was finally ready to share the arrival time

Now that Google has put the date on the product page it seems it was finally ready to share the arrival time.


Back when it was listed before, the fact that it was removed showcases Google probably listed the date by mistake. This also meant that at the time, the date could have been wrong. Leading to Google’s reasoning for removing the information.

Nest Hub Max was announced at Google I/O

Most are probably already aware by now, but Google announced the Nest Hub Max back at I/O this year.

Google’s annual developer conference now serves as the launch pad for details on some of its products. Not its biggest ones, mind you. Those are saved for the company’s Fall event in October. Typically this is when you will see the unveiling of the new Pixel phone, as well as any other Pixel-related products.


Google I/O is now the time for when Google announces its less iconic devices, such as the Nest Hub Max. That also probably isn’t going to change. Though it also doesn’t mean Google won’t announce any smart home devices at its Fall events either.

The Nest Hub Max is Google’s most powerful version of the smart display products that it offers. Of which there are two, the other being the standard Nest Hub. Major differences are the more powerful speaker, and of course the price tag.

The Nest Hub Max retails for $229, so if you like better sound and are wanting a smart display, you can grab this device in just a few days’ time.