The Nest Hub Max Is Now Available For $229

Google Nest Hub Max AM AH 10

The Nest Hub Max is finally available, starting today. You can find it at the Google Store, and it’ll be hitting other retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and more, in the coming days.

It will cost you $229, making it one of the more expensive smart displays out there right now.

Nest Hub Max is more than just a smart display

Google, when it announced the Nest Hub Max at Google I/O in May, made a point to emphasize that this is more than just a smart display.


The Hub Max is geared to be your hub for everything. Everything Google Assistant, everything smart home products, and more.

It even has a Nest Cam built-in, which is able to articulate and see your entire room. This allows you to see what’s going on when you’re not home. This is also why this one is so much more expensive than most other smart displays right now.

The Nest Cam can be disabled so that you are not being filmed while you are at home. That is something that is going to make a lot of people very happy. As the last thing they want is for Google to be watching them in their own home. Even though Google is not watching you, technically.


Like all other smart displays, it can still control your smart home devices, either by your voice or from the screen itself. It can also answer your questions, thanks to Google Assistant being built-in.

With that display there, you actually get a visual answer in addition to the voice answer. So things like asking how the traffic is, you can actually see it on the display, which is pretty cool.

Make your smart home complete with Nest Hub Max

The Nest Hub Max can help make your smart home complete. Since it is a hub that can tie all of those devices together.


Whether your home is full of Nest products or not, this is still going to be a good option for you. That is because most smart home products do work with Google Assistant already, which is what is running on this smart display.

The Nest Hub Max is priced at $229, and it is pretty pricey.  but if you are already heavily invested in the smart home space, and have tons of smart home products around your home, then the Nest Hub Max is definitely worth the price.