Nayo Smart Almighty Backpack Review – A Pack Worthy Of Its Namesake

Nayo Smart Almighty Backpack Review 17

With this many features, this is close to the perfect backpack for daily or weekend travel, especially at the sale price.

Nayo Smart Almighty Backpack
$89 - Sale Price ($159 - Normal Price)
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  • Pretty decent price
  • Durable and comfortable metal handle for carrying the backpack in your hands
  • Easy-access top pocket to quickly pull out needed items at a moment's notice
  • Small zipper pocket on each shoulder strap for storing cards and passes
  • Adjustable sternum strap for more support and comfort
  • Whistle on sternum strap for use in case of safety issue
  • Hidden zipper pocket on the back for storing passports, ids, wallets, and other valuables
  • Rear strap for sliding the bag over travel luggage handles
  • Insulated side pocket for water bottles
  • Removable accessories bag, and removable toiletries bag with included hook
  • External USB charging port
  • Durable, weatherproof build
  • Tons of pockets and storage space
  • The amount of pockets can make the pack feel overwhelming until you get used to what they're all for
  • Shoulder strap loop for holding your sunglasses feels more cumbersome than simply holding them in your shirt collar

Nayo Smart is a company that makes a line of smart bags, and the Almighty is perhaps its most feature-rich option. It's packed full of pockets and functionality that are tailor-made for anyone who wants to keep their stuff organized. If you typically carry electronics on you, it becomes that much better.

While this could easily be used as a day pack, it's equipped to handle weekend and even weekly travel. There is enough storage space with all of the pockets to hold 3-7 days worth of clothes and anything you might need.

Paired with the comfort and weatherproof durability, it's the near-perfect travel pack. And, with a name like Almighty, it's a pack worthy of its namesake. Especially now that it's been dropped down to a sale price of $89.


Dedicated pockets for electronics and moreNayo Smart Almighty Backpack Review 3

There are more than 20 total pockets on this bag. That alone is enough to make it a functional powerhouse. Nayo Smart went above and beyond though and designed most of them to have specific functions. This doesn't mean they can't be used for anything else. It does however, mean that you will have a specific place to put certain stuff.

When you think about it that's an exciting prospect. For starters, the inside of the bag features dedicated slip pockets for a laptop and a tablet. These are perfect for daily work use or travel use, as both may see you bringing along those two electronic devices.

The slip pockets also have elastic straps to help secure these devices down so they're not moving around.

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As someone who no longer owns a laptop or a tablet, I personally found these to be less useful as they weren't needed.

What is useful though is the hidden pocket on the back for storing things like your passport, and any other sensitive documents. Because it's on the back and has a zipper enclosure, it's inaccessible while you're wearing it.

Another set of useful pockets are located on the shoulder straps. If you commute or work every day or travel a lot by train or bus, these little pockets will be your best friend. They're just big enough to slide in your train or bus passes.


Because they're so easy to get to, you don't have to take the bag off to fish for them. This means you can pull the pass right out, swipe it or show it, and move right along. It's a streamlined feature that really deserves attention and will make traveling and commuting much, much easier.

A removable toiletry bag with a hook?Nayo Smart Almighty Backpack Review 4

Yes. It has a removable toiletry bag with a hook. First things first, when the bag is stored inside of the pack it has a velcro patch for securing it. It can be unfastened if you need to make more room, say for rolled up clothes. If not, it has a place where it can be store nice and neat.

The better part of the bag is on the inside. It's lined with a waterproof material, which makes sense as the contents will likely end up getting wet.


It's got neat little spots for your toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as a zipper pocket for anything else you may want to take into the bathroom with you when getting ready.

When ready for use, you can unfasten the bag from the pack, unzip it, and hang it up so everything is easily accessible. This is more useful than you might think, especially since this is something you will probably using every single day.

The main zipper opens the bag up like a suitcaseNayo Smart Almighty Backpack Review 10

If you're using this for travel for a few days or more, chances are you will have this thing full to the brim. If that's the case, the moment you get to where you're going you may want to immediately unpack everything.


Nayo Smart designed this bag so it can open like a suitcase, which, honestly makes unpacking everything a quick and painless task. Because it opens like a suitcase the bag lays flat when completely unzipped.

Everything is in view, save for the couple of small stash pockets on the shoulder straps and the zipper pockets on the front or back of the bag. All the stuff on the inside though is right there. Letting you neatly remove anything stored inside the bag in an organized fashion.

On the flip side of things, it makes packing easier too. Simply zip it open and start putting things inside. When everything is in its place, you can zip it back up and get to storing anything you need in the outside pockets.


It's a great design that is actually quite useful and made packing for my trip this past weekend a breeze.

Durability is really the most important part here

This bag is highly functional with all of its features. Because of that, it's great for daily use and various three to seven day trips. If you travel often enough, it'll be used a lot.

All of that use adds up, and over time some bags may not hold up as well. The Nayo Smart Almighty Backpack was built with a durable, weatherproof outer coating so that it can withstand rain and such.


The underside is also made of a tough material that not only makes it easy to stand the bag upright, it also allows it to stand up to being placed on harder, slightly abrasive surfaces like concrete. It even has a durable metal handle at the top so you can carry it like you would a suitcase.

All of these things together make this a bag which shouldn't have any trouble staying in great condition over a longer period of time. That's a good thing, because you will want this bag to last. And, to be quite honest some bags have a tendency to break down after extended use during travel. It doesn't feel like that will be the case with the Almighty.

This isn't built to be the most durable bag ever made, and that's certainly not a claim that we or Nayo Smart are making about it. It is however durable enough to withstand use after use whether it's a day at a time throughout the work week or every other weekend during business trips or personal vacation travel.

That's important as it'll be carrying some of your more valuable possessions. The last thing you want with a bag holding your valuable stuff is a bag that isn't durable.

Need a power top-up? The Almighty has you coveredNayo Smart Almighty Backpack Review 11

One of the more useful features of this bag this past weekend was the external charging port. During my trip to the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival, this became an invaluable resource as my phone was in constant use. Instead of having to stop off and plug my phone in, I was able to use a power bank.

If you're unfamiliar with Wizards Unite, it's an AR game like Pokémon GO. Your screen is constantly on and your phone's battery drains rather quickly compared to normal. Because of the external charging port on this bag I didn't have to worry about power or charging issues.

On the inside lip of the bag there is neat little pocket for storing a power bank. Just above it is a pocket for the USB cable connector. This plugs into the power bank, and on the other end it's connected to the external port.

All I had to do was take out my charging cable, plug it into the external port, and the other end into my phone. While I was walking around for my time during the event playing this battery-hungry game, I had a constant charge. Better yet is the cable wasn't really in the way.

You could also use this as an easy way to keep your devices charged when you're not wearing the bag.

Little details add up

Aside from the more major features of the bag there are loads of little details. These little details add up to make the bag even better. They're hard to notice, but there are little strips of reflective material just above the adjustment hardware for the sternum strap.

This is a small detail and despite it seeming insignificant, it's actually very useful to have. Especially if you'e wearing the bag when it's dark and later in the evening.

There's also high-density foam used on the back to keep it comfortable and provide airflow. On top of that, the shoulder straps were designed to be load-balancing. This aim at even distribution across your shoulders and back made it comfortable to wear over a long stretch, even when it was packed full.

The zippers are also a nice touch. All of the zippers are SBS and designed to handle heavy loads as well as a lot of use. If you're worried about them breaking, don't be. They feel extremely tough and they're reversible meaning you can zip them open and closed on either side of the bag.

It's not perfect, but it's pretty close

The Nayo Smart Almighty backpack has almost everything you could want in a modern-day travel/day pack. While there were a couple complaints I had, they're purely subjective and overall the bag was great to have when away from home.

Add to that the fact that this bag also comes in two different sizes, which are 32L and 25L, and there's really a lot to love about it. As I've gotten older and have gone on more trips, I've realized how wonderful it is to have a bag that helps you keep everything organized.

The Nayo Smart Almighty does just that and with little to no hiccups. It's also not overly expensive which makes it pretty accessible to anybody who is looking for a bag like this. For the most part, Nayo Smart seems to have thought of everything here, and that's great.