Microsoft To Do Gets Dark Mode, New Colors, & List Backgrounds


Microsoft To Do just got a big refresh to its design.

Following yesterday's update of the app, users now have a handful of new ways to customize the app's look.

Microsoft also admits that the new customization options don't take away the "simple elegance" of the app that was there prior to the update.


The same To Do, with a darker new look

Dark mode is now a native system-wide customization with Android thanks to Android 10. However it's still not available across all apps.

Microsoft has now changed that with To Do so your lists are easier on the eyes in dimmer rooms.

Enabling the new dark mode is easy enough, and can be found from the settings screen. Once there, simply tap the theme menu and change it from light to dark. That's it.


List backgrounds add even more customization

A big new change to the refreshed design are the custom list backgrounds.

The default option is the Berlin TV tower, but there are numerous other options to choose from. This is a static list for the time being, with no options to add in your own images.

You do however have the ability to use a different background image for every list. Whether it's just for organizational purposes or you just want to spice each list up a little bit.


A range of colors give your lists some extra pop

In addition to the background images and the new dark theme, lists can be customized with a range of colors.

The colors will look slightly different though depending on which theme you use. If you're using the light theme, then the color you select will be washed over the whole list.

If you're using the dark theme however, only the words and other list accents will be in the selected color. The rest of the page is dark. The only backgrounds that won't change are the ones where you use a photo.


Instead, the background stays visible as the image, while list entries are added in as dark boxes.

The new look for the app is in part an attempt to help transition original Wunderlist users over to To Do. Part of that was getting rid of the thicker headers that To Do used to have and replacing them with the wider set of customization options.

Since the update was released yesterday, all users should already have the new look and it should pop up for anyone installing To Do for the first time.