OnePlus TV Uses MediaTek's Latest TV Chip, Expect More To Follow Suit


This week MediaTek announced its latest smart TV chip, the MT5670.

This is the chip the company hopes will makes its way into a range of smart TV products, including new Android TV devices.

The MT5670 has already surfaced in at least one new product this week, OnePlus TV.


MediaTek latest smart TV solution

MediaTek is no stranger to smart TVs. In fact, the company claims to already own a "70 percent market share." The same is true within Android TV. While many might associate the Tegra X1 powering the NVIDIA SHIELD TV as the go-to Android TV processor, MediaTek's solutions typically show up in far more products.

For example, Sony, Philips and TCL have all in the past used MediaTek SoCs to build their custom solutions off.

MediaTek will be hoping the same happens with the next wave of Android TV devices. While also utilizing the improvements on offer with the new chipset.


The MT5670 utilizes four Arm Cortex-A53 CPUs (at 1.5 GHz) along with an ARM Mali G51 GPU. In addition, the MT5670 supports, Android 9 Pie, UHD (4K) at 60Hz, H.264, and HDMI 2.0 receiver with 3D support.

MediaTek's MT5670 also integrates the company's AI PQ technology. This is a MediaTek's AI that fine-tunes picture quality based on facial and scene recognition.

The picture quality aspect is only one of the AI-based smarts included with the new chip and collectively these AI tweaks are where MediaTek sees the direction of the TV market moving in.


As the company's Smart Home General Manager, Mike Chang, explained "TVs are moving beyond entertainment centers and transforming into smart home hubs with AI, voice and object recognition and connectivity to be the center of the digital home."

The MT5670 is designed to make that transition easier for TV makers in the future.

The MT5670 hitting devices this month

As part of the announcement, MediaTek confirmed the MT5670 becomes available starting this month, globally.


In fact, it has already made its way into one new product launched this week. The all-new OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro are both powered by the MediaTek MT5670 chip.

OnePlus TV was announced yesterday and marks the first time the company has released a TV product.

Besides being powered by the MT5670, OnePlus TV makes a play for improved visual and audio features. Although these premium aspects do come with a price that's slightly higher than the market segment OnePlus usually appeals to.