LG Planning To Release Rollable Display For Content Consumption


It seems like LG is planning to release a rollable display for content consumption. At least the company’s new patent points in that direction.

This patent was submitted back in October 2018 with the KIPRIS (Korean Intellectual Property Office). The patent was published in June 2019, and it is now making the rounds.

This display ends up being the size of a smartphone when rolled up. This is a display which you can use to consume content, and interact with.


Letsgodigital has created some nice-looking renders of the device. Those renders are based on patent sketches, so they’re probably quite accurate.

The display rolls up twice around the housing

This display is so large that it can be rolled up twice around the device’s housing. It seems like you’ll be able to roll out this display as much as you want. You will be able to use it even if it’s not rolled out all the way. The user interface will adjust itself based on how much the display is rolled out.

This flexible display has four bending points, in case you were wondering. We’re still not sure how the display is held in place when rolled up, but we’re presuming magnets have something to do with it.


It is worth noting that this patent has been applied for by LG Display, not by LG Electronics. That is actually why we’re referring to this device as a display, not as a smartphone.

It is possible, and even probable, that LG will be looking to implement this display on a smartphone housing, though. On the other hand, the device may be introduced as a portable external display.

The device that got patented features an on / off button (located at the top), and a USB Type-C port. That port sits at the very bottom of the phone.


Rollabe displays may offer various usage scenarios

It will be interesting to see how will LG pull this off, if the device ever becomes a reality. The Samsung Galaxy Fold’s display clearly shows where its folding point is. We presume that the same will be present on this device, but even more pronounced. Why? Well, there are more folding points than on the Galaxy Fold.

There are a number of usage scenarios for such a device. Even as a separate, external display, it could be useful. You could easily take this display with you on the road, and have something larger to connect your smartphone or gaming console to.

On the other hand, this rollable display may also be used for smartphones, as a smartphone display. If this device becomes a reality, LG may want to introduce it as part of a foldable / rollable smartphone. We’ll just have to wait and see.