LEGO Star Wars Battles Is Launching On Android In 2020


LEGO has partnered up with Lucasfilm and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to create LEGO Star Wars Battles, which is launching on Android in 2020.

The upcoming action strategy game will take two players and place them in matches against each other.

Battles will be 1v1, but will also be multiplayer as each person in the match will control multiple characters. Each character is associated with a card and players must collect cards to create the perfect deck for matches.


Decks will include vehicle cards

While decks will be able to include cards that feature some of the most iconic Star Wars characters throughout the franchise, they can also include vehicles.

This will let players mix and match categories of cards to create the perfect light side or dark side deck. It's not entirely clear if you'll be able to compose decks that can feature cards from both, but from the sounds of it you will need to choose a side.

Gameplay will be like Clash Royale

If you're wondering about gameplay, think Clash Royale or Gears POP! but with LEGO and Star Wars for the theme.


When battles begin each player will have the chance to move further onto the battlefield and build up defenses. The ultimate goal will be to eventually make it to and destroy your opponent's base.

When your turn comes you'll need to decide on deploying regular troops of various types, or build LEGO towers that can serve as a means for keeping your enemy's troops at bay. A tough decision to be sure, but one that should not be taken lightly as it could spell your doom.

Content will span all nine saga films

Content in the game will span all nine saga films, including the upcoming Rise of Skywalker that releases in December of this year.


In addition to the saga films, there will also be content from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This means players can expect to find cards for Rey, Obi-Wan, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren and more.

On top of all those characters you can even outfit your deck with vehicles like the Millennium Falcon, TIE Bombers, and battle droids.

There will be different arenas for players to face off in as well. Initially there will only be a small amount of arenas available, but more will unlock for players as they level up. LEGO Star Wars will be a free game when it launches next year with optional in-game purchases.