Is Crypto Trading Really Possible On Mobile?


Crypto trading has always been on the move since the day it first started. Nowadays, it's not very surprising to see people dedicate their whole days to analyzing, placing trades and overall pouring their whole energy into the crypto market.

Such professions were first birthed when the global financial markets first went digital, and why wouldn't it be possible for something that has everything digital about it?

However, the digitalization of the world has happened in two phases. First, we got everything on the Personal Computer, now the world is trying to move to mobile devices completely. The smartphone that is in your pocket right now, is probably 1000 times stronger than whatever people were using in the 90s.


This gives us the opportunity to remain "digitalized" even when we're in the middle of a forest or hiking somewhere in the mountains. As long as there is a connection, we're still affiliated with the tech world.

Naturally, crypto trading also had to somehow tap into the mobile device network and it's been making some great progress as well. In fact, the crypto adoption of mobile devices has been so intense that several traders simply cannot support their strategies and trading patterns without having access to the markets from their mobile devices.

Let's look at what type of actions one can take with mobile crypto trading.


Are there any restrictions?

There are no real restrictions with mobile trading in a sense as multiple devices have started to come out more and more in-tune with the multitasking nature of our modern lives. But at the end of the day, smartphones and tablets simply cannot achieve the level of multitasking bliss that Personal Computers can.

For example, thousands of traders like to have accounts opened on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. Those exchanges could be both big and small in terms of trading volume, which could determine if they have a mobile app or not. And in most cases, they do not.

Therefore, accessing all of these platforms with just one screen could be a bit taxing. Furthermore, there's more than just the exchange a trader should access to maximize his or her profits.


There's things like signal applications, news apps, trading bots, charting websites and etc.

Overall, mobile devices can do pretty much everything that a PC can, but are not as good at it.

Why PC is better

One of the primary reasons why a Personal Computer is much better for trading is because of the multiple screens you can attach to it. This allows the traders to have immediate visual access to several trading platforms, be they trading bots, crypto exchanges, news websites or just Dapps and mining software. Germany seems to be one of the top countries in this point.


Many would think that this is unimportant, as changing the tabs is just as fast, but if you read this Bitcoin Trader review published by the German website Coincierge, you'll notice how the authors are pressing the importance of constant vigilance.

Relaxation is a luxury in professional crypto trading since the market is so volatile. Placing a trade even a few seconds too late could translate into thousands of dollars of lost potential profit.

And, unfortunately, mobile devices don't have the design or the capacity to be as fast and as useful as a PC.


Is mobile trading cryptos worth it?

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the type of trader you are. If you place trades every week or so, or even every day, it's fine to just have a mobile device, as long as you place relatively long-term trades.

The ones that open and close trades within minutes of placing them should consider using a PC for it, as it allows them to be as fast as possible.

The only thing that can be said about mobile trading, in the end, is that it's very useful for immediate reactions on market movements whenever you may not have access to a Personal Computer. This can be whenever you may be commuting, traveling outside of the city without your laptop or just being outside of the house or office.


Other than that, whenever there is access to a PC, it's best to go for that option specifically.