IFROGZ AIRTIME PRO Earbuds Offer Luxury Features At Just $70

IFROGZ AirtimePro

IFROGZ on Thursday unveiled its latest pair of truly wireless earbuds. The newly announced AIRTIME PRO earbuds are the company’s second-generation offering in its AIRTIME lineup. The latest offering brings a lot of improvements over the original AIRTIME Truly Wireless Earbuds announced earlier this year, including longer battery life, more powerful drivers, and a smaller profile.

The new AIRTIME PRO Truly Wireless Earbuds are now available to buy at ZAGG.com for $69.99. They come in black, white, and blue color options.

“Whether shopping on a budget or just seeking great quality wireless audio, the AIRTIME PRO Truly Wireless Earbuds offer consumers an elevated listening experience,” said Marika Patto, vice president, product, productivity & audio group at ZAGG Brands, announcing the new product. “The product has been specifically designed to deliver crystal clear audio during phone calls. Coupled with 20 total hours of battery life, a comfortable, ergonomic design, and seamless touch control, the AIRTIME PRO earbuds are a great, always-ready audio solution at a price that many can afford.”


AIRTIME PRO Truly Wireless Earbuds

IFROGZ is known for its competitively priced accessories, and the new AIRTIME PRO Truly Wireless Earbuds are a prime example of it. The $70 buds offer many of the features normally associated with higher-priced products.

The stylish buds rock 5mm neodymium drivers to provide crisp and clear sound while maintaining a slim design to minimize ear fatigue. The buds further come with three ear tip sizes for a custom fit. IFROGZ is also offering a lifetime warranty for the tips.

If the ear tips get worn out, lost, or damaged, the company will replace them at no additional cost, except for shipping and handling charges of course. The buds itself come with a one-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects.


Each of the earbuds come with an integrated microphone, offering clear, hands-free phone calls. After an initial pairing, the buds connect automatically as soon as you remove them from the case.

They connect to your device over Bluetooth 5.0. For music, volume and call controls, you get capacitive touch buttons on the buds. You can also voice control them through Apple Siri or Google Assistant. IFROGZ  also promises IPX4 rating on the AIRTIME PRO buds, making them robust enough to withstand light rain or sweat.

The IFROGZ AIRTIME PRO Truly Wireless Earbuds offer five hours of playtime on one full charge. The slim charging case, which houses the buds magnetically, can further hold an additional 15 hours of power (three full charges of the buds).


The case itself charges over USB-C and comes with fast charging support.

At $70, the IFROGZ AIRTIME PRO Truly Wireless Earbuds surely offer a great value for money. You get all the luxuries that higher-end products offer at a fraction of the price. Are they as durable as those higher-end products? Only time will tell.