IFA 2019 – ECOVACS New Logo Shows AI-Focus is The Way Forward

Ecovacs New Logo Deebot AH NS 01

ECOVACS new logo was unveiled at IFA 2019 in Berlin today, and with it comes a new philosophy and design language for the company. ECOVACS is known for making some fantastic robot vacuums, including the latest DEEBOT OZMO 950 flagship that we recently put to the test. While ECOVACS robot vacuums have been cutting-edge for a while now, the app and the logo were feeling a little long in the tooth.

The app was updated fairly recently and sports a modern interface and incredible features, and now ECOVACS has unveiled a brand new logo to fit in with the style of the app. Right off the bat, you’ll see the huge difference in philosophy here. The original logo was rigid and boxy; a clear call to the navigation style of robot vacuums at the time but things have changed for the better since then.

Just like the new AI-driven style of navigation, the new ECOVACS logo is smooth and more organic looking. This fits in with the idea that a robot housekeeper performs human duties and needs to represent a more human look and approach to things if it’s going to be a larger part of our lives. The encircled E has clear ties to the design of a round robot vacuum and makes it obvious that ECOVACS is focused on delivering robot vacuums for a long time to come.


What also stood out to me here are the more natural curves of the text used in the new logo. In our Smarts and Features comparison between the ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 950, the iRobot Roomba i7, and the Roborock S5, we put the mapping abilities of each vacuum to the test and determined a winner. ECOVACS latest Smart Navi 3.0 Laser Mapping does an impeccable job of not just mapping out the home in an incredibly accurate fashion in milliseconds, but it also performs a more organic pattern throughout the home, as well.

It’s this more organic, intelligent pattern that makes the difference when choosing something like a robot vacuum because, quite simply put, no two homes are the same and even the same home will regularly change. Having a robot vacuum that can easily navigate these changes and adapt its cleaning style to best fit the environment it’s in is incredibly important. The rest of the features that become enabled with that additional mapping power can also have a huge effect on whether or not consumers continue to use the robot over time, or if it just ends up collecting dust in the corner of a room.

ECOVACS has been around for 20 years now, a number that feels hard to believe when you consider the fact that robot vacuums haven’t been a part of consumers homes for quite as long. Over that brief time period, though, we’ve seen a massive shift in how robot vacuums are perceived and how they operate. It’s easier than ever now to recommend a robot vacuum for everyday use, and companies like ECOVACS are giving consumers an easy way to take back some of their precious time by adding a smart robot to their home to take care of a lot of the dirty work.


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