Hulu for Android TV Now Works Better With Third-Party Remotes

Hulu with Live TV Android TV 13

Hulu for Android TV now plays nicer with third-party remote controls.

The improved Hulu remote functionality is included with the latest version of the app.

Android mobile remote support also benefits from the latest update.


Hulu for Android TV updates

In the past, Hulu for Android TV was one of the few apps that didn’t get the support it deserved. In fact, Hulu’s live TV streaming was not available on Android TV at all.

However, that did change recently. At the start of August, Hulu announced the Android TV app was being updated to the more modern version. Along with ditching its “classic” tag, the updated version also brought with it live TV streaming.

Since the entire app received a face lift and new features, there are still some teething problems which need to be ironed out. One of these appears to have been third-party remote support.


Improved Hulu remote support

The Hulu for Android TV app was updated via the Google Play Store on September 24 with the latest version boasting the improved remote support.

The app listing specifically lists the improvement in relation to the “OK” button on “Android mobile remotes and select 3rd party remotes.” However, users are already starting to report general improvements. In addition to the app now working with remotes it didn’t work with before.

Either way, the “OK” button improvement alone is an important one. This is the main button used to do most of the general interface selecting and with it proving problematic for some third-party remotes, the experience for those users was likely to have been greatly affected.


Unfortunately, with the lack of in-depth release notes on this update, there’s no firm details on what third-party remotes are most affected by this update. For now, anyone who was encountering an issue with the app before, might want to give it another try now.

Besides checking to see if the version of the app installed on an Android TV is the right one via the version number, there’s a much easier way to see if you have the latest version already.

The latest Hulu for Android TV app now comes with an updated icon. Instead of a green background with white “Hulu” lettering, the new icon is black with green lettering.


A change, Hulu explains, is designed to reflect the “newer and better Hulu experience.”

The latest version of the Hulu for Android TV app is available to download from the Google Play Store.