Huawei's HarmonyOS Coming To Smartwatches & Laptops Outside Of China


Huawei had introduced its very own operating system as an Android alternative quite recently. That OS is called HarmonyOS, and not much info was released at launch.

We knew that the OS will hit HONOR's smart screen first, and it did. Huawei also announced that the OS will slowly spread across a number of different categories of products, but not much info was given.

Huawei's HarmonyOS is an "OS for the future"

Well, the company's Senior Global Product Manager, Peter Gauden, just released some additional info. He said that Huawei's new OS is "an operating system for the future".


That "future" he mentions may come soon, as he announced that Huawei's HarmonyOS is coming to smartwatch and laptops. More importantly, he said that it's coming to those products outside of China. So, this new OS will be featured on Huawei's products for global markets soon.

Mr. Gauden also emphasized HarmonyOS' potential. Huawei mentioned the versatility of this OS a few times now, and Mr. Gauden did the same. He said that the goal of this OS is to connect various different product categories. That includes TVs, fitness products, smartwatches, smart speakers, smartphones, and so on.

Smartwatch HarmonyOS will have elements of LiteOS

HarmonyOS' arrival to smartwatches may be confusing for some of you, as Huawei already has a smartwatch OS. That OS is called "LiteOS", and its elements will be included in Huawei's brand new operating system, it seems.


It's also quite interesting that HarmonyOS will be included on laptops. Huawei's laptops are running Microsoft's Windows OS, for the most part.

Windows OS is a mature operating system with rich history and features. HarmonyOS is a brand new operating system that probably cannot compete head-to-head with Windows, at least not at the moment.

It is possible that Huawei will introduce HarmonyOS elements on its laptops, but won't replace Windows OS. Or, perhaps the company plans to release a separate lineup of laptops that will run HarmonyOS. We'll just have to wait and see.


Do note that Huawei's HarmonyOS is not ready to spread its wings towards the smartphone market, at least not yet. So don't expect a HarmonyOS-powered phone soon, unless Huawei ends up being forced to do something like that.

Speaking of smartphones, it's worth saying that programming languages can be "translated" so apps work with HarmonyOS, thanks to Huawei's Ark Compiler.

This will make things fairly easy for developers, claims Huawei. So the company is counting on the help from developers to bring their Android applications to Huawei's new OS, when / if the time comes.

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