Grobo Is A Premium Puzzle Platformer Launching On Android October 10


Puzzle platformer games are a popular genre on mobile as well as consoles and PC. So much so that you can find a large number of them on places like Google Play.

A new game in this category, called Grobo, is a premium offering that hits Android on October 10.

Featuring a fun atmosphere, Grobo looks to be filled with mind-bending puzzles that will cause you to scratch your head.


A premium puzzle platformer in the age of freemium

When it comes to mobile games, freemium reigns supreme. This isn't always a bad thing, but it's nice to see a premium offering from time to time and Grobo is just that.

When it launches on Android (and iOS) next month, users will pay $3.99 to download it. That's a one-time buy with no additional micro transactions. A pay model that many developers and publishers continue to shy away from.

From a business standpoint it makes sense. Free games with micro transactions make way more money. However this pay model is not always well-received by users.


Hot Chocolate Games, the company behind Grobo, appears to believe in its game enough that it sees the value in charging a small one-time fee for it. And, perhaps mobile gamers will see that value as well.

48 hand-drawn levels are "filled with hazards, traps, & mystery."

Grobo may be big on puzzles but it's big on the aesthetic and the story components too.

Each level and all of the elements within are completely hand-drawn. Hand-drawn graphics are not the most advanced you'll see in a game, but they add a certain level of charm that is hard to ignore.


The hand-drawn art style of the graphics is also sure to pair well with the game's lore-heavy story. Throughout the game there are loads of collectibles to acquire which add to the game's narrative. Not too unlike with items that can be found and earned in Destiny 2.

This is an approach that allows the game to have a much richer story without having to add a whole lot of extra weight. Instead of having to craft more scenes to give the whole picture of the story, players get a mix of that content along with bits that can be read like pages of a book.

This likely helps save on development costs without having to compromise on the amount of story content available to players.


When it comes to the story, you play as Grobo, a robot who wakes up on a planet where civilization has fallen. As you complete levels and discover new lore, you uncover more pieces that tell the story of how things came to be.