Google Stadia Hardware Could Arrive By November 13


Google Stadia hardware will arrive before too long. Until then, all buyers can do is wait.

According to some recent reddit posts though, that wait might be over sooner rather than later.

Some users who have purchased Stadia hardware are getting emails with dates for when their orders will ship. Those dates are November 6 and November 13.


Those orders probably include Google Stadia Founders bundles

So far there appears to be two references on the Stadia subreddit from customers.

One of them is an order from Canada for the Wasabi-colored controller. In the order details it lists that delivery would be on November 12 or November 13.

The second order is from the Google Store Spain. It doesn't mention what the contents of the order were, but it does highlight November 6 and November 13 as dates.


These are likely the dates when the order would ship, and when the order would arrive.

It's also important to note that while the order details themselves don't mention the specific product, the user who placed the order clarifies that what they purchased was the Founders Bundle.

This might be when Stadia Pro goes live for Founders

This could still be when Stadia Pro goes live for Founders.


Up until now Google has stayed quiet on when the service would launch, or when equipment would be hitting doorsteps.

With at least one controller order and one Founders Bundle order having been confirmed for the November 13 delivery date, it seems unlikely that Stadia itself wouldn't launch at the exact same time.

Both these order are also from separate regions. This suggests that anywhere Stadia equipment has been available will be arriving on or around this date for anyone that placed an order.


Of course Google's cloud gaming service may still launch after these orders arrive. November 13 still leaves a little over half the month before November is over. So technically that is two weeks of time Google has to launch the service.

You'll still need a founders bundle to play in November

Orders for both Founders Bundles and controllers seem to be set to arrive on November 13. And this may be when Stadia Pro goes live, too.

You will however still need to be a founder if you want access in November and for the foreseeable future. Google has already confirmed that only founders will get to play games on Stadia right away.


So, if you have only purchased the controller and were unaware of this particular detail, you may want to consider buying the Founders Bundle or a refund.