Google Search Is Making It Easier To Pick Out Specific Points In Videos

Google Search Video Key Moments 2

Google Search has a new feature that makes it much simpler to access specific points in videos.

So simple, in fact, that all you have to do is search for stuff like you normally would. If any video results pop up, there will now be a carousel list in the same card as the video panel that shows key moments.

The new Google Search feature for videos is perfect for short attention spans

This new feature is perfect for those with short attention spans. Or perhaps those that are just too lazy to watch an entire video.


Of course that’s not Google’s aim behind the addition of this feature. According to Google it’s to help people access the information they want, but faster than before. Which has always been Google‘s foremost goal.

That won’t stop it from being a tool that also helps those who lack the ability to sit through a whole video on the topic they’re searching for. And, perhaps that’s a good thing.

You as the user might be looking for a very specific moment in a video, and if it’s one you’ve seen before then this will be a very useful tool. Especially if you’re looking for a four-second section in a video that’s quite long.


Key moments are decided by creators

If there is one caveat to mention, it’s that the key moments are decided by the content creators. This is an important distinction to make because some creators may not use this tool.

The one’s that do may also not tag a specific moment you’re looking for. This will make it harder to pick out the small section of a video that actually contains the key part you want to see. And, in the end you may just need to watch the whole video anyway.

Key moments in videos are associated with time stamps, though. So if you’re familiar with the general time frame of the section you want, then you could use the time stamps to pin things down.


Key moments will also probably only show up for longer videos. Ones that are much shorter, say around three to four minutes, may not have these set up.

Again though, this is at the discretion of the creator. If they provide time stamps, then chances are Google Search results for these videos will yield the key moment separators so you can pick out the section you want to view.

For now, these specific points will only apply to videos on YouTube. And only if time stamps are provided in the video’s description. Google is working to make the key moments applicable to other videos outside of YouTube as well though.