Google Play Pass Is "Coming Soon"

Play Pass

Google says that Play Pass is coming soon.

How soon? That is the question, and one that can’t currently be answered as Google only hints at a nearby arrival.

It’s “almost time” for Google Play Pass

In a tweet this afternoon the official Google Play twitter account posted a GIF of what may be the Play Pass logo.


Along with the GIF the context said that it’s “almost time.”

While Google hasn’t given out any leads as to when exactly it will be launching, it can’t be too far off. Play Pass has already been available in testing for some users.

Now that it’s gotten some time in what was essentially a beta with selected users, it’s nearly ready to roll out.


Play Pass is a subscription for apps and games

For those that are unfamiliar, Play Pass is a subscription for apps and games.

It’s very similar to Apple Arcade and brings users unlimited access to hundreds of apps and games without having to buy them. These are also ad-free.

Users can access the apps and games as much as they want for a flat monthly rate. Google hasn’t said officially yet what that monthly cost would be. But, those who have had access in early testing have confirmed it’s $5 a month.


Users will also get a free trial to test out how the service works, with the trial lasting seven days, after which the $5 cost come into play. This was also the cost associated with the test, so it could change after launch.

A bid to bring more people to premium products

Premium apps and games have been around since the dawn of Android. For a long time though many users seem more inclined to use free options.

Part of that might be due to the limited amount of time users have for refunds. You don’t get a lot of time to download a premium app or game and test it out before you’re stuck with the purchase.


Because Play Pass is a monthly subscription, users would have an entire month to test out specific premium apps and games before deciding to buy them. Or, they could simply continue paying the subscription each month and use them that way.

It wouldn’t be surprising though if this were Google’s way of trying to entice more people to pay for premium offerings. More time to use something would give users more time to know if its worth keeping and paying for.