Google Pixel ThemePicker Spotted With New Customizations Incoming


Google Pixel users running Android 10 are going to have plenty of customizations to choose from thanks to an app called ThemePicker that recently leaked out via a series of code releases and screenshots. The tool is a step away from the relatively standard theming found with current Pixel devices.

ThemePicker still includes wallpaper and font options as expected. But that's not all it does and things aren't going to be separated into the Settings app anymore.

Now it also adapts icons and will reportedly release alongside the search giant's Pixel 4 handset in a single app. That will all be found under a long-press on the Pixel home page or under "Styles & wallpapers" in the app drawer.


What can be themed with the Pixel ThemePicker?

The newly leaked images don't reveal much by way of how Quick Settings icons or other elements can be themed with Theme Picker. Quick settings will likely follow a similar trend to the other settings chosen by the user since that seems to be what the screenshots are showing.

Specifically, three themes are shown off in the Styles tab of the app. Those are Crayon, Collage, and Ash. Starting with the latter, Ash is as its name implies. Accent colors are shifted to the black side of the color spectrum and coupled with a Rubik font and "Rounded/Squircle" icons.

Collage, conversely, is comprised of a green accent color, Arvo and Lato fonts, and "Filled" icons. Crayon takes things in a more playful direction with purple accents, Arbutus font, and "Circle" or "Teardrop" icons.


In addition to styles, there will be clock and wallpaper adjustments in ThemePicker. Examples of styles are shown in more clearly in older screenshots but are listed under the codenames. Those are  "Anthony," "Johanna," and "Reiko."

Clocks can be fine-tuned by style and the grid layout of the home page will be adaptable too.

Pixel 4 exclusive or for every Pixel?

It isn't immediately clear whether or not the ThemePicker will stay exclusive for the Google Pixel 4 or be launched for every Pixel-branded handset.


Google has historically launched new features wherever possible to older handsets, including camera features and launcher updates. It's avoided adding at least a few new features in some cases to differentiate its new devices from old too.

So while it stands to reason that it would bring the theming to older smartphones, it may not.

Google will most likely to deliver both its new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL in early October. That follows Google's tradition of launching new hardware at a dedicated event it hosts.


Last year saw the launch of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The search giant also kicked off the event with a new Pixel Slate Chrome OS tablet.

Google dropped its hardware efforts in the latter category shortly after. The code repository surrounding its Chrome OS hardware has pointed to the possibility of some new hardware this year all the same. Specifically, Google is expected to launch a new Pixelbook Chromebook this year.

Rumors have additionally circulated about the possible launch of a new Pixel wearable among other devices and gadgets. It remains to be seen whether that will pan out.