Google Confirms Pixel 4 Launching October 15

google hardware event invite

Google has just begun sending out invites to an event on October 15, for the Pixel 4 launch.

The invite simply says “come see a few new things Made By Google” which confirms that it is a Google hardware event. And it is likely that we’ll see more than just the Pixel 4 at this event.

It’s once again taking place in New York City, so expect it to be in the morning on the east coast and very early morning on the west coast.


Pixel 4 is launching later than the Pixel 3 did

This is actually going to be the latest event that Google has done in a few years. The Pixel has always launched right around October 4. This year, it is launching nearly two weeks later on October 15.

This could be because Google launched Android 10 later than Android 9 Pie launched. Or it could simply be that the Pixel 4 was not quite ready to go yet. Though that’s hard to believe, given all the recent leaks.

It should still launch by the end of October, which is very close to the holidays, so it would be surprising if Google really discounted any of its new products for Black Friday this year.


What else could Google have up its sleeve?

Normally, Google uses these hardware events to announce a ton of new products. And this year is likely no different.

While the majority of the leaks have been about the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, don’t think that is all Google has to show us.

Recently, a new Google Home Mini (likely to get renamed to Nest Mini) went through the FCC. And seeing as it has been a few years since that was announced, it’s perfect timing for a new one.


As for what else Google is launching at this event, your guess is as good as ours. Google could announce a new line of Nest products, but don’t expect a new smart display. After all, the Nest Hub Max literally just went on sale a couple of weeks ago.

This is bound to be one of the biggest events of the year, largely thanks to it being Google. Even though many of us are excited for the Pixel 4, there’s lots more goodies coming out of this event.

The Made By Google event is usually the last major smartphone launch of the year, so it’ll be interesting to see if Google can end the year with a bang. And judging by the leaks, the Google Pixel 4 launch might just be a bang.