Watch This Hands-On Video Of The Unreleased Google Pixel 4


The Google Pixel 4 just leaked in a new hands on video. And it's a pretty lengthy video. It's even in 4K. So it's definitely not your typical potato cam leak.

This video does confirm some things we already knew about, like the design of the Pixel 4. But it also tells us about some new stuff, particularly when it comes to that display.

90Hz display once again confirmed

Google does appear to be going with a 90Hz display on the Pixel 4 this year. In the settings, it is being called "Smooth Display". It's a marketing term, and a good one, to be honest.


According to the screen showed in the video, it looks like the Smooth Display will be able to automatically move between 60Hz and 90Hz refresh rates. This is a good thing, seeing as most apps are not compatible with 90Hz refresh rates just yet.

Screen Shot 2019 09 11 at 12 22 06 PM
Google Pixel 4 Leak – Smooth Display (90Hz)

There's also mention of Ambient EQ. This feature will automatically adjust the display's temperature as well as the brightness, based on the lighting in the room. So when it's darker, it'll take out more of the blue light, versus when it's brighter.

Specs line up with previous rumors

The specs in all of these rumors and leaks appear to line up almost perfectly with each other.


In the video, he flashes the CPU-Z app, which we can see specs of the Pixel 4 XL. And it shows the same 6.23-inch 3040×1440 resolution display we've been seeing in recent leaks.

That also includes seeing 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

Now that does not confirm that the base storage is going to be 128GB, there could still be a 64GB model. But typically, these videos show off the entry-level model, so it's quite possible that Google could be starting with 128GB and going from there.


It's not surprising to see the Pixel 4 leaking out pretty continuously like this. In fact, this same thing happened last year, but much earlier in the cycle. We got full reviews of the device in August. Which was a full two months before the device was announced. So these leaks aren't surprising, but you'd think that Google would do better with containing these leaks.

Don't be surprised if you see even more Google Pixel 4 hands on leaks coming out over the next few weeks. As we are still about a full month away from the Pixel 4 being announced. Right now, it's due to be announced on October 15.