Google Photos Is Getting A Print To Store Feature

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Google Photos will soon get a print to store feature that allows picking up pictures from CVS.

Once live, users will be able to open their Google Photos app and select pictures to be printed off at CVS locations.

Google Photos ‘Print to Store’ will use Kodak Moments technology

The new feature uses the Kodak Moments technology that is already available in CVS stores.


Google has partnered with Kodak through the Kodak Moments Prints partner API program to make the feature a reality.

Photos can be printed out and picked up the same day

With the new print to store experience users will now have an additional way to bring their photos to life. Google already offers users the ability to do so by ordering Photo Books through the Google Photos app.

That particular feature though differs in a couple of ways. Photos come out in the form of an actual photo book and have to be mailed out. This means shipping costs on top of the base price of $9.99.


With print to store, users can select the photos that they want printed off, and drive to pick them up from CVS the same day. This means a much quicker turn around. Not to mention it gives a little more versatility on what can be done with the photos.

That being said there is no information yet on what the print to store experience will cost. Or how many photos it will include. More than likely there will be various options for users to choose from, though.

Prints are “high-quality” and can be picked up at stores nationwide

Further adding to the convenience, users can pick up these photos at locations nationwide.


CVS Pharmacy has over 7,400 retail locations across the US, which means there are no shortage of stores to go to.

Google Photos prints are also said to be “high-quality” so users can probably expect a good level of detail from the prints.

The feature is rolling out across the US

Google is rolling out the new feature for Photos across the US.


It doesn’t appear to be available in the app just yet and there’s no mention of an exact date for its arrival. It is however available on the web.

When it comes to cost, prices start at $0.25 for a 4×6 print. Same day pickup also appears to be available through Walmart in addition to CVS.

It will also be available across both Android and iOS versions of the app.