Google Nest Mini With Wall Mount Stops By FCC


With Google's rebranding of its Google Home division to Google Nest back at I/O in May, the company is finally unveiling products bearing the new Nest moniker. Just today, the Nest Mini (what would have formerly been called the Google Home Mini 2) stopped by the FCC bearing model number H2C with a wall mount.

Nest Mini product number in line with other Home and Nest products

The Nest Mini's model number, H2C, seems in line with former Google Home products such as its predecessor, the Google Home Mini (model number H0A) and the Nest Hub (H1A). The H2C model number for the Nest Mini would follow in the correct sequence since the Nest Hub Max bears model number H2AH.

Google's decision to rebrand its Home division and Home products to "Nest" is a wise one, considering Nest's presence in home automation at its earliest stage. Many consumers may not consider Google to be safe and comfortable in home automation and security, but Nest has made a name for itself. After years of wondering where Nest fits into its lineup, Google's Nest has finally found its place.


The new wall mount

What Google brings to the table for this Home Mini refresh (now the Nest Mini) is the addition of a wall mount. If you peruse Google's own Home Mini product page, you'll see that Google sells an Incipio wall mount for the Google Home Mini but doesn't provide one of its own for the first-gen mini speaker. That's all set to change with the new upcoming Nest Mini, the second-generation mini speaker from Mountain View.

The wall mount allows buyers to place the device on a wall, not just a table, for use. Some consumers don't want to place the Nest Mini on a table for fear that they'll knock it off, get water or liquid on it (due to drinks placed on the table), and so on. The wall mount allows Nest Mini buyers to place the device on the wall as they would with a number of furniture accessories to decorate their home.

Nest Mini brings improved audio quality, retains audio jack

9to5Google reports that few changes are coming to the Nest Mini, and that appears to be true. As with the Google Home Mini, the next-generation Nest Mini will retain the 3.5mm audio jack but bring improved audio quality.


The audio jack is a useful tool for listening to music, and with its placement on a table, users would be able to listen to their favorite tunes quietly without disturbing the rest of the family activities. There will be improved audio quality, however, as the Nest Mini is said to have better bass than its predecessor.

New color option

Sources also reveal that Google looks to introduce a new color option for the Nest Mini. The Google Home Mini was released in four colors: Charcoal, Chalk, Aqua, and Coral colors. The Nest Home Mini could add a fifth color option to the four already present in the Home Mini (and thus, the Nest Mini lineup). There's no word on what the exact color will be, though it's not surprising to see Google leave something up to surprise for its big unveil at its annual event.

A host of products set for Made By Google

Apart from the Nest Mini, which looks to be a rebranded refresh of the Google Home Mini, there are a whole host of products set for unveiling by Google at its annual Made By Google event next month.


Among the exciting products Google looks to unveil are its upcoming flagship smartphones, the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL. Both smartphones will come with Android 10 pre-installed, which brings new features such as greater privacy and location data-sharing controls, Live Caption, and more.