Google Fi Announces Unlimited Data Plan With Free International Calling

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Google Fi has a good offering for prepaid customers, but it just got even better with a new unlimited data plan that provides free international calling and a nice bonus.

Google Fi’s Unlimited Data Plan brings 22GB LTE and free international calling

The new unlimited plan proceeds along the same lines as other unlimited plans from other MVNOs and parent carriers, with “unlimited” being held to 22GB with expected LTE quality, that is. After 22GB, video streaming quality is lowered to 480p (paltry when compared to the standard expectation of at least 720p) and data speeds are throttled.

Again, the data speed throttling is typical at 22GB with most carriers, including Google’s data partner in its Fi service, US Cellular.


As for the price, Fi users can expect to pay $70 per month for one line, which is a drop in the old $80 Bill Protection Plan for one line Google had going up until now.

The old Bill Protection Plan allowed users to pay for 6GB of 4G LTE ($10 per GB, totaling $60), then receive 9GB of additional LTE for free (15GB for $60). The new plan provides 7GB of additional LTE for $10 less per month per line. More for less is always in demand.

Google throws in free bonuses

There are two other niceties Google provides with the new Fi Unlimited Plan: among these, is free international calling. Yes, Fi customers traveling overseas can expect free international calls in some 50 countries and territories.


Unlimited texting, a standard in Google’s Fi offerings, is available in 200 countries/destinations. As for data, expect your LTE to work whether at home or abroad.

In addition to the free international calling, Google Fi’s new Unlimited Plan brings a nice bonus of a free Google One membership with 100GB of free Google cloud storage (priced at $1.99 per month) for automatic backup, MMS, Google Drive storage, and original Google Photo upload quality. Some may not prefer cloud storage, but they’re less likely to complain if it’s a free perk.

For Fi users carrying two or more lines, expect 2 lines at $60 per line, 3 lines at $50 per line, and 4-6 lines at $45 per line per month.


Google Fi gets serious about unlimited data

Google Fi has been the wireless service to beat for some time, practically unparalleled among wireless providers in the industry. One thing that puts Fi above the rest concerns its tri-carrier service, as it utilizes data from T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular. This means that, pretty much no matter where you are (unless you’re in the most secluded of places), you should be able to access the LTE data you want.

But Google Fi lacked in the area of unlimited data. Sure, the 15GB LTE for $60 per month was a nice perk, with built-in Bill Protection for 15GB, but it still lacked the 7GB of additional LTE users could find elsewhere.

Now with a standard Unlimited Plan with 22GB of LTE, Fi users finally get the unlimited data they want. When one considers that 22GB of LTE data costs just $50 per month per line with Google now (add the $20 for unlimited calls and texts), it seems unusual to have once paid the $60 for 15GB Bill Protection pricing.


Google Fi Unlimited Plan: just in time for the Pixel 4 series

Google Fi Unlimited has come at a nice time (any time unlimited data lands is nice), but perhaps Google is unveiling it now in preparation for what is to come. Google’s very own Pixel 4 series is set for an announcement on October 15th, and it seems to be part of the plan to bring the best data plan to what will be Google’s best phone yet.

The Pixel 4 series will have better cameras, sufficient battery capacities, and the best of Google’s Android, Android 10, but it will also feature Google’s new Soli chip for Motion Sense, a feature that will allow users to access information and settings on their phones with gesture motions (hence the name) sans physically touching the phone.

Google appreciates Pixel fans buying its phones, but perhaps Mountain View is getting serious about Pixel users buying its Fi plans, too.