Google Fall Pixel Event May Be On October 15 According To Leak

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Google may hold its Fall Pixel event on October 15.

This is according to a new leak from Evan Blass. In a tweet posted earlier this morning, Blass shows of an image of what appears to be the front of the Pixel 4.

On it the date of October 15 is displayed, while Blass' context merely asks the question of if this will be the date of Google's event.


The Pixel event could be sooner or later

October 15 wouldn't be an out of the ordinary time for Google to hold its event.

It is later than it has ever happened in the past, but not by much. Less than a week in fact as the Pixel 3 event was held on October 9 of 2018.

Taking this into consideration the middle of October seems very reasonable for an unveiling time frame. There is still a chance it could happen sooner than this though.

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Google tends to hold its events earlier in the week, somewhere between Tuesday and Thursday. The 15th of next month is a Tuesday, but so is October 8, and there's always the possibility that Google could hold the event the week before between October 1 and October 3.

This could actually be the front of the Pixel 4

Arrival date aside, the render accompanying the tweet looks similar to recent leaks of the phone.

In those leaks which are real images, front of the phone bears a striking resemblance to the render posted by Blass.


This could make the render the first real press image of the front of the phone. And, judging by what looks like a glass screen protector, the press image could be from a company that is making accessories for the upcoming device.

There's likely no real reason for pushing the announcement out

There is probably no real reason for pushing the announcement date out. Meaning, if the Pixel 4 event is held on October 15 it could be just an arbitrary date that was chosen.

Google usually doesn't hold big events on Fridays which would rule out an October 4 reveal. There is still time that same week to hold the announcement.


There's also time the following week for Google to hold the event on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. So why October 15? If that is the announcement date, good question.

Whatever the reason, if the date is accurate then consumers will be waiting just a tiny bit longer to officially see Google's latest. Though, an extra week or two of waiting may not be a concern for most.

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