Google Assistant Can Control Your Xbox One Gaming Experience

Google Assistant Xbox One

Google has recently pushed out a new feature for Google Assistant that lets it control your Xbox One gaming experience.

Starting today, you can use your voice to speak to your Xbox One console through Google. In doing so Google will perform a number of actions for you. This includes launching apps, among other things.

Google Assistant controls various functions of your Xbox One

Gaming sessions tend to be something of comfort. Usually, if you're planning on kicking back and playing a game for a few hours, you may be doing so from the couch. Or at the very least some comfortable chair.


When you get ready to sit down and play, you may realize you've forgotten to power on the console. Now you can let Google do the work. In pairing with a Google Assistant-enabled speaker or smart display, you can ask Google to turn on the console for you.

This action will work for powering the Xbox console on and off, but you can also ask Google to launch a game with the console in the powered off state and it will turn the console on.

You can ask Google to take screenshots

Screenshots are a pretty simple thing to do on consoles these days. You essentially press one button and boom, you have your screenshot.


If you don't feel like pressing a button you can ask Google to do this for you too. The important thing about this functionality is that you don't have to interrupt your game. Simply say "Hey Google, take a screenshot on Xbox" and the deed is done.

If your console is already on, simply ask Google launch an app

Just as Google can launch a game for you and turn on the console, it can launch apps after the console is on as well.

Whether you want to watch Netflix or open a music streaming app like Spotify, Google will do it for you. You can also use the new action to have Google search for apps and games for you. Many users would probably agree that while not terrible, the digital onscreen keyboards for consoles are not ideal.


Using the dpad or joysticks to stamp in letters is a tedious process and not nearly as fast as typing with a physical keyboard. Using Google Assistant to control the search function on your Xbox One makes things faster and more convenient.

Google Assistant can also adjust the volume, as well as pause and resume games. For now the support is only available in English but support for more languages is coming.

That being said, this feature will be available wherever Google Assistant is available, not just in the US. It's also important to remember that this feature is still in beta, so things may change at some point.