Google Announces Stadia Premier Edition Without Buddy Pass

Stadia Gamescom

Google has announced a new version of the Stadia bundle called the Stadia Premier Edition.

This isn’t much different from the Founders Edition save for a few details. Though, admittedly some of those details are bigger than others.

Stadia Premier Edition is only available in Europe for now

At the moment the Premier Edition of Stadia is only available in Europe.


The reason being is because the Premier bundle is Google’s backup offering once the Founders bundles have sold out. That’s the case right now in most of Europe according to Google who tweeted the details on the official Stadia page.

The countries where it can be purchased are Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden. It’ll open up to the US, UK, and Canada when Founders bundles are old out there too, but not before.

You won’t get a Buddy Pass with this bundle

One of the bigger reasons people were excited about the Founders Edition was the availability of the Buddy Pass. This allowed them to essentially share Stadia Pro with a friend for three months. Though that friend would still need their own equipment.


The Stadia Premier Edition lacks this rather delicious perk. There are a couple of other key differences as well. Premier doesn’t come with the Midnight Blue controller. Instead it ships with the Clearly White controller.

Lastly, it doesn’t afford the opportunity to pick your gamertag early.

Everything else is the same

Aside from those differences, everything else about the Premier bundle is exactly the same. You still get the Chromecast Ultra, which is needed to access Stadia from TVs and monitors.


You also get three months of Stadia Pro for free for yourself, and it still comes with Destiny 2: The Collection at no charge. Even the cost is the same at $129. That in and of itself might be a little off putting to some consumers.

That being said, this is probably just more of a reason to bite the bullet on the Founders Edition bundle if you can. That is, if you live in a region where it’s not currently sold out.

Sure, this might play to people’s fear of missing out, as Google doesn’t share any specific data on how many bundles are left. If you care about the Midnight Blue controller, the gamertag, and the buddy pass though, then it’s a good idea to become a Founder while the opportunity is still there.