Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Comes To Android Late January


Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles to Android in late January.

The famed company known best for its world-renowned Final Fantasy RPG franchise tweeted the announcement on September 8.

Along with the tweet it has posted a trailer for the remaster on YouTube.


This will be a Crystal Chronicles remaster

This will be a remastered version of the original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles game.

It's complete with HD visuals, and it's officially launching on January 23 of 2020. That's still months away. With a hard date in place though fans will have a strict time to look forward to.

Android is also not the only platform it's arriving on. According to both the tweet and the trailer, it's also coming to iOS. In addition it's launching on two consoles, which are PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.


It comes with cross-platform multiplayer

The beauty of this game launching on more than one platform is the multiplayer.

Square Enix is making this game cross-platform, which means you can play it with friends even if they play on a different platform.

It's also going to allow for up to four players in one session. So, if you play on Android, then each of the other three players could be on the other three platforms and you could all team up.


Cross-platform play isn't out of the ordinary for Square Enix. It supports the capability with its popular MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A realm Reborn, where players on PC and PS4 can play together.

Though, admittedly this is a little more ambitious since it's cross-play with four platforms instead of two. Still, other games on mobile also support this kind of feature, like Fortnite, which allows cross-platform play across all its available platforms.

New character voice over feature

There are a myriad of new features being added to this version of the game. One of those is character voice overs. While the game was already loved in its original form, the voice overs will surely add a new element of emotion to it.


Allowing players to become more invested in the stories of the characters. In addition to the character voice overs, the multiplayer that supports up to four players is online and not limited to local play.

Square Enix says it also added challenging dungeons and bosses into the remaster, as well as the ability to equip various alternative character skins and items that weren't previously available.

Though this is coming to Android and iOS, don't expect it to be a free offering. Since it's a port and not a mobile game that was built from the ground up for mobile only, it will likely cost a fair amount as a premium title. Not unlike the other Final Fantasy ports.