Upgrade Your WiFi With $80 Off The eero Home WiFi System


Amazon, today, is discounting the eero Home WiFi System by about $80.

That brings the price down from $399 to just $319. This is for the version that comes with the eero Pro and two eero Beacons. Allowing you to cover a two to four bedroom home with ease.

eero is a mesh WiFi system, and in the age of everything being connected to the internet, it's a really great option for a lot of people.


As a mesh WiFi system is able to dynamically move devices from the 2.4GHz to 5GHz bands, depending on what speeds and coverage it needs, it keeps the internet from getting slow when there are a lot of devices connected.

It also works really well for blanketing your entire home with WiFi. You can do the same thing with a signal repeater or extender. However, with those, you are literally repeating the signal, which results in a slower network. Mesh WiFi does the opposite, it actually makes your network faster in most cases. So you're getting the best of both worlds. Faster WiFi and better WiFi coverage.

With the eero, you get two Beacons that can be plugged into the wall in your hallway or even your bedroom. This makes it easier to blanket your home with WiFi, as you don't need to find a table to put the router on. It plugs into the wall like an air freshener would. Which is a really smart way of doing this.


Those looking to improve their WiFi network by adding more coverage but also want some faster speeds, eero Home WiFi System is the way to go. It is going to cost you $319 which does sound like a lot for a router, but it is worth the price.

You can pick up the eero Home WiFi System from Amazon by clicking here.

eero Home WiFi System - Amazon - $319