Echo Glow Is A Multicolor Smart Lamp That Caters To Kids

Echo Glow

Amazon has announced the Echo Glow, a new multcolor smart lamp. It’s inexpensive, it’s small, and it’ll cater to your kids’ curiosity and whimsical nature.

According to Amazon, kids love turning the lights on and off with Alexa. So much so that it felt the Echo Glow was something kids would really love.

That may indeed be the case, and perhaps it’ll prevent kids from turning the actual lights on and off for minutes on end.


The Echo Glow Smart Lamp adds some color (& fun) to your kids’ room

Since this is a multicolor lamp, you can change the color of it to add some flare to your kids’ room.

It’s powered by Alexa so kids can use their voice to turn it on and off just like with the other lights in the home. And because of those colors it should be more fun too. At least that’s the idea and what Amazon is going for.

Packed with functional features

These aren’t just designed to be fun for kids to use (or play with). They’re designed to be pretty useful little devices.


Kids or parents can control the smart lamps with their voice, managing things like color shifting and lamp brightness. It can be controlled by tapping it as well. So, if kids want to turn the lights on and off and on and off again the old school way, they can.

Amazon also designed it to accept routines. Both parents and kids can work together to set up visual cues to keep kids on track. Think a bright white for when it’s time to wake up or using a “rainbow timer” for counting down to a specific event.

It costs $30 and it’s on pre-order starting today

The Echo Glow is already up for pre-order alongside all of Amazon’s other devices that were announced today. It does ship a bit later than some though.


While you can purchase the device now for $29.99, the Echo Glow won’t actually ship until November 20, a few days after the Smart Oven. That being said it’s still in time for the holiday season which means parents can pick them up as gifts.

Amazon notes that the Echo Glow is a device that’s been certified for humans. It was designed to be simple, tinker-free, and hassle-free. Which is perfect since it’s a product for kids. Because the last thing you want when it comes to a kids device is for it to be a hassle when kids try to use it.

Amazon Echo Glow - Amazon - $29.99