CHUWI Will Attend GITEX Technology Week In Dubai Next Month


CHUWI has just announced that it will be one of the participants at the GITEX Technology Week. GITEX Technology Week will take place in Dubai in October, and this is the 39th technology exhibition of its kind in a row.

The show is starting on October 6

GITEX Technology Week will start on October 6, and will last until October 10. CHUWI will be present throughout the show, and will present its products there.

That’s pretty much all the info that CHUWI shared with us. To our knowledge, the company will not be presenting any new products, but only showing off its existing ones.


CHUWI had presented quite a few interesting products this year, so it will have stuff to show to GITEX attendees. The company has not confirmed what devices it will show off, but we can always guess.

The CHUWI UBook Pro may be in CHUWI's GITEX Technology Week lineup

The CHUWI UBook Pro is the latest device that the company announced. This product is not yet available, but it may make its way to GITEX. It is a 2-in-1 device, which acts as both a laptop and a tablet.

The CHUWI UBook Pro comes with a U-shaped kickstand, and Windows 10 Home will come pre-installed on the device. Intel’s series m processor fuels the device, while the UBook Pro is made out of metal. This device also comes with stylus support.


The UBook Pro may be the newest product from the company, but it’s not the only interesting one that got announced in the last year or so. CHUWI introduced the MiniBook as well, while the AeroBook is yet another interesting device from the company.

CHUWI will probably also bring the HiPad LTE to Dubai, and the same goes for the LapBook Plus laptop.

The CHUWI MiniBook may also make an appearance

The CHUWI MiniBook is especially interesting, as it’s a mini laptop, essentially. This device can actually act as both a laptop and a tablet, as it has a touch-sensitive display.


The MiniBook is made out of metal, and it comes with a rather spacious keyboard, which is great considering its size.

The CHUWI MiniBook is also not available just yet, but it will be soon. This device is fueled by the Core M3 processor as well, and you can rotate that display all the way back.

The device includes plenty of RAM, up to 16GB, and an SSD drive is also included in the package. If you’re in Dubai, or intend on going to GITEX, make sure you swing by CHUWI’s booth.