CHUWI Thinks Laptops With 3:2 Displays Are The Way To Go


CHUWI is planning to launch a new Indiegogo campaign. This time around, the company is planning to launch a new 2-in-1 device aka tablet / laptop. CHUWI thinks laptops with 3:2 display aspect ratios are the way to go, it seems.

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This upcoming laptop will be called UBook Pro and will feature a 12.3-inch display. The company opted for a 3:2 display for reason. CHUWI thinks laptops with 3:2 displays are the way to go because they're right between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.


CHUWI UBook Pro will feature a 3:2 display

The company claims that 4:3 and 16:9 are the most common aspects for reading and media consumption. So, by including a 3:2 display on a laptop, you're getting the sweet spot, at least according to CHUWI.

CHUWI says that black bars at the top and bottom won't distract you all that much from content. And you will see those black bars on 3:2 displays. On the other hand, 3:2 display aspect ratio is way more comfortable for reading and editing, according to CHUWI.

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Microsoft actually tried to start the 3:2 aspect ratio trend with the Surface Pro series. Not many companies opted to board that train, though.

CHUWI acknowledges the fact that a wider aspect ratio is better for media consumption. That being said, people use laptops differently to smartphones.

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Smartphones are getting taller, thus you get wider displays in landscape for media consumption. Laptops are so much more than just media consumption devices. Which is why a different aspect ratio is needed, CHUWI thinks.

Intel's Core m3 processor, 8GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage (SSD)

The CHUWI UBook Pro will be made out of metal, for the most part. The device will be fueled by Intel's Core m3 chip, the m3-8100Y, to be exact. This is a highly-efficient ULV processor.

The device will include a U-shaped kickstand, and side-facing speakers. You'll be able to rotate this device's kickstand up to 145 degrees.


The device will also ship with 8GB of RAM and up to 512GB of SSD, says CHUWI. We still do not know the price tag of this device, though.

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The company did announce, not long ago, that the official launch period will begin on September 25, and last until October 25.


Based on that info, we're expecting the CHUWI UBook Pro to pop up on Indiegogo tomorrow. As already mentioned, we still don't know its price tag, but it is expected to cost around $500. If you're planning to get the device, sign-up now by clicking here, and receive a 25-percent discount.