Chromecast-Powered Beosound Stage Is B&O's First Soundbar


The Beosound Stage is B&O's first ever sound bar according to the company, and it comes with Chromecast tech built-in. The company officially announced the product today during IFA 2019.

That's an interesting choice for Bang & Olufsen, as it's not only the first sound bar from the company, but the first sound bar with Chromecast.

This showcases that B&O has dove headlong into the smart sound bar market along with numerous other brands, like JBL.


The design is unmistakably Bang & Olufsen

If you've seen even just a few products from B&O before, you probably know what its designs are like.

They tend to use premium materials like metal and wood in finishes that blend well with other home decor. Other elements of each product usually mesh well with these looks too. Things are no different with the Beosound Stage.

To keep the design fluid and working with home decor, functional hardware, like the buttons, melt away into the frame. All of the buttons can be found on the left side of the speaker across the top of the frame and the portion mounted on the wall.


There are buttons for skipping tracks and going back tracks, adjusting the volume, enabling Bluetooth, and activating Google Assistant.

Just behind these buttons on the portion of the sound bar that mounts to the wall you can find the power button and a Wi-Fi button. Each with LED indicators that they're connected.

There's tons of sound-focused tech inside

B&O isn't one to usually skimp on components or features. It appears to continue with this trend on the Beosound Stage. This sound bar is packed with Dolby Atmos for 3D sound to leverage multichannel audio.


If that wasn't enough there are different listening modes to cycle through as part of the ToneTouch feature. Whether you're watching a movie, listening to music, or listening to audio at night, there seems to be a mode to fit any situation.

The Beosound Stage has 11 custom designed drivers inside along with a 50-watt amplifier. Bang & Olufsen says this gives the sound bar a 3-channel, fully active DSP loudspeaker.

Three different design options

There are three different design options for consumers to choose from. The first is the Natural Aluminum, which comes with a black or dark grey fabric on the front for the speaker portion. In addition there is a Bronze model which comes with a light brown fabric.


The last color option is the one and only wood option called Smoked Oak. Only the two metal options will be available in both stores and online. If you're looking for the Smoked Oak, you'll have to head to a retail store to get it.

That being said, there's no word yet on an exact release date or US pricing, but Besound Stage will be launching globally this Fall. As for cost, B&O only lists various global prices. For example, the Natural Aluminum and Bronze models will cost 1,500 Euros. Meanwhile, the Smoked Oak model will be a bit more at 2,250 Euros.