Can't Find Pictures On Facebook Messenger Since Android 10? You're Not Alone


Now that Android 10 has been out for a few weeks, we're starting to see what kind of bugs people are having. And there's one that is a bit annoying. If you go to share a picture that you did not take with the camera on Facebook Messenger, it's not where it should be.

When you tap on the icon to share a picture in Facebook Messenger, it shows your camera roll first. So if you downloaded a cool meme to share, it won't be at the very top.

This is annoying a lot of people. Though, some have said that a factory reset has fixed the issue – though it didn't on our end.


Others have also stated that if you give it permission to access your storage, the issue goes away. Which seems odd, since it can read it, it just does it in a different order. But that's another workaround you can try.

So where are my pictures?

It appears that Facebook Messenger is now sorting your pictures by album. So in this case, your camera roll is first, then possible downloads or screenshots and so forth. So downloads are going to be pretty far down the list. Especially if you've taken a lot of pictures.

There's also nothing that is separating the albums.


This makes it pretty tough to find a picture quickly and share it with someone on Facebook Messenger.

Though, this is not just happening with Facebook Messenger. Some are reporting it happening with other apps. Which likely means that this is an Android 10 issue and not Facebook Messenger and Android 10 issue. It would be something Google needs to fix.

Android 10 bugs are never fun

When new versions of Android come out, there are always bugs that need to be fixed. There are just some things that the team at Google aren't able to find and fix when they are testing it internally. Like this one.


Luckily, this isn't a huge bug. We've seen those before, where your phone gets stuck in a bootloop – it actually happened with one of the betas earlier this year.

It's an annoying bug, but it's not one that is going to keep you from using your phone.

Hopefully this is a bug that Google and Facebook are able to resolve rather quickly. Though it's likely more of a Google bug that needs to be fixed than a Facebook one at this point. Since it is happening with other apps.