Blizzard Is Looking For A Diablo Immortal Senior Game Producer


It's been quite some time since Blizzard has given out any details regarding Diablo Immortal.

Announced last year at BlizzCon 2018, the game was not well-received by fans. Since the announcement there has been little to no information about its progress.

The most recent piece of information seems to have come from NetEase sometime back. Stating that the game was essentially finished. Now it looks like Blizzard is looking for a Senior Game Producer to manage the title.


There are actually multiple Diablo Immortal job openings

It isn't just the Senior Game Producer role that needs to be filled. According to Blizzard's Job Openings page, there are a few positions that the company wants to fill for the game.

The two additional roles are a Game Producer and a Senior Combat Designer. The Senior Game Producer role is located in Shanghai, which means they'd likely be working close with the NetEase team.

The latter two roles are located at Blizzard's main headquarters in Irvine, California.


These job listings may or may not be new

It's not exactly clear if these job postings are new, as Blizzard doesn't list dates associated with them. That being said, the position for the Senior Game Producer could be somewhat new. A post from a user on Twitter that goes by Snowstorm Jobs mentions the role.


This particular account seems to exclusively tweet about new job openings, and highlighted the job back on September 4. If the open position is new, then perhaps that could mean the game is closer to release.


Could the game be coming in the near future?

With NetEase having confirmed back in March that its side of the game's development was complete, it would be easy to assume that the game might launch soon after.

That hasn't been the case however. It's been about six months since then and there hasn't been a peep from Blizzard. It's entirely possible that once NetEase finished its side of development that it was handed off to Blizzard for finishing touches.

Blizzard may be looking to polish things up with these new job postings, which could mean a near future release. The company's annual BlizzCon event is also coming in November, which may be the next time Blizzard mentions Diablo Immortal and its progress.


Whether or not the game is ready for release by then, could depend on if these positions are filled early enough. That is if they have any impact on the game in this way. The positions could merely be for ongoing development of the game after launch, as it will be a living game world that is always online and continues to evolve over time.