Black Shark 1 Gaming Phone Receives Android Pie Update

Black Shark Android Pie Update

Black Shark has finally made Android Pie available to the original Black Shark gaming phone, the Black Shark 1.

Those with this device will be able to update to the new software starting this week, as Black Shark announced and started pushing the update back on September 16.

Since the update officially begun a few days ago, chances are many users may already have it. If not, the wait shouldn’t be long.


The Black Shark 1 Android Pie update includes new features & more

New features are only part of the update to this phone. While they might be some of the most exciting changes, there are other things to consider. For instance, the update to Android Pie also bring s security improvements and some other software optimizations.

That means the Black Shark 1 should an overall noticeable improvement to the way it handles in addition to offering new and fun features.

When it comes to completely new features, there are four things to look out for. The update introduces users to the new Gamer Studio feature, a screen recorder function, FaceUnlock, and simultaneous use of hotspot sharing while connected to WiFi.


With Gamer Studio, players can customize the gaming experience, personalizing things like performance, display, touch, network, and audio. And with screen recorder, users can record both screen content as well as the sound. Making it easier to share gameplay.

Optimizations include a new style for Shark Space & system stability

If you’ve used the Shark Space feature before Black Shark states that Android Pie will bring a new style to it. It doesn’t elaborate on what it looks like, but since it’s a visual change it should be easy to spot.

System stability is part of the update as well. As are improvements to the camera focus effect, the system performance, and GamerDock.


As with any update of course, Android Pie or the Black Shark 1 introduces some security improvements too. This will bring the phone up to the Google Security Patch that was released on August 5.

Though this will put the phone a little behind some others, it’s mostly up to date, and any improvement to security is better than no improvement at all. This particular security patch fixes issues with the Broadcom components, the media framework, Qualcomm components, and Qualcomm closed source components.

If you haven’t received the OTA update to your phone yet, sometimes power cycling the phone can help. You can also manually check for the update from the phone settings and see if you can pull the OTA down from the servers.