Best Of IFA 2019: TCL Ray Danz Sound Bar

TCL Ray Danz Best Of

A premium-quality sound bar without the premium price

TCL’s latest was just announced at IFA 2019. It’s called the Ray Danz sound bar, and it elevates your audio to premium-quality without the premium price.

If you’re looking to level up your home audio, a sound bar is a sound investment.

Not all sound bars are expensive, but many are when you get into the premium tier of products. TCL aims to help you circumvent the high cost with the Ray Danz.

Clear, immersive audio without extra fluff

The new Ray Danz sound bar is focused on one thing and one thing only. Delivering excellent sound to provide you with a clear and immersive audio experience.


It’s doing that without any extra fluff or gimmicky features, like smart tech. Look, smart technology is great, but it doesn’t need to be in every single thing we own. Sound bars are one of those things.

The Ray Danz doesn’t have any voice activated features. There’s no Google Assistant. No Alexa, or no Siri. What it does have, is a booming wireless subwoofer and 3.1-channel Dolby Atmos.

It’s a sound bar that’s solely focused on the quality and efficiency of the audio. Not on providing you with the ability to turn your lights on and off from across the room.

TCL certainly offers smart products. For example it has a line of TVs integrated with Roku. But, it’s not trying to be a jack of all trades with this audio equipment. And that’s great.


Designed to provide a wider sound stage and optimal clarityRaydanz reflector

There are varying levels of audio. Usually, lower-grade audio means less clarity. that’s not the case with this particular sound bar. The new Ray Danz sound bar was designed to provide optimal clarity with the front-facing speaker.

Meanwhile, the two side-firing speaker drivers are there to widen the sound stage. As well as enlarge the area where you’re able to get the best possible sound.

This is usually referred to as a “sweet spot.” It’s the location where the audio is the absolute best that the device is able to offer. Making this larger means more people are able to enjoy it, and that’s what TCL is offering here.

A wireless subwoofer means less clutter, which means a cleaner-looking setupTCL Ray Danz Sound bar And Subwoofer

Chances are if you’re spending a little money to get a sound bar, you probably want things to look nice and neat. Or, as nice and neat as they can be.


The Ray Danz offers that thanks to its wireless subwoofer. While you will have cords for plugging in the sound bar, you won’t have one that connects it to the sub. Which translates to less hassle and less need to manage the cords that are there.

It cannot be overstated how much of a benefit it is to have the subwoofer connect to the sound bar wirelessly. Especially if you consider how many cords you may already have laying around from other devices and components.

3.1-channel Dolby Atmos. Nothing else really needs to be said

The Ray Danz sound bar has plenty going for it that makes it a great option. The wireless sub, the wider sound stage, a max audio power of 540 watts. All of this adds up to great sound.

The 3.1-channel Dolby Atmos takes that even further by bringing 360-degree surround sound to the table. And, it does this without the Ray Danz needing speaker drivers that are facing upward. That means a lower cost because there’s less components.


And that’s great for your wallet. If you don’t have a sound bar yet, definitely consider the new Ray Danz sound bar from TCL. Especially if you’re looking for one without the smart tech in it.