Best Of IFA 2019 – Sony WH-H910N Noise Cancelling Headphones

sony wh h910n

Sony brings its industry-leading noise cancellation tech into a more affordable set of headphones with the WH-H910N

Sony came to IFA 2019 this week with a handful of new products. One of those being the Sony WH-H910N noise cancelling headphones. Which are part of its h.ear lineup. Nothing like what they’ve done in the past at IFA and CES, but the few products they did bring along for the ride, are pretty great.

The h.ear lineup is a more affordable line of headphones that still feature some of the stuff that the more expensive WH-1000X lineup have. And the WH-H910N did not disappoint.

Vibrant colors isn’t all Sony has to offer

When you look at the WH-H910N, the first thing you’ll notice is the vibrant colors. There’s a teal, red, purple and a few others that are available. But this is Sony, so there’s much more to these headphones than just colors.


Though this is a pretty nice color palette, with more options than what you’d get in the $350 WH-1000X M3 lineup.

Sony WH-H910N Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony has also brought its industry-leading noise cancellation tech from the WH-1000X lineup, down to the h.ear line, starting with the WH-H910N. This means that you’re going to get some really incredible noise cancellation out of these headphones. They’ll block out everything around you. But, the popular  Ambient Sound feature is not included with these.

Ambient Sound (not the feature) is here though, which is going to be a bit confusing for many. Basically, the WH-H910N are going to allow some ambient sound in, but you can’t adjust it, like with the WH-1000X M3 headphones.


While the feature, Ambient Sound is not there, Sony did include something better.

Quick Attention Mode. And it’s better than Ambient Sound. Basically, you cup your hand over the outside of the earcup, and it will turn down the volume as well as reducing the noise cancellation. So if a flight attendant walks up to you to ask what you want to drink, you can hear them without taking off your headphones, for example. It’s much easier to do than adjusting the Ambient Sound level in the Headphones+ app that Sony has.

These are the headphones for everyone

The Sony WH-1000X M3 are the headphones for audiophiles looking to go wireless. While the Sony WH-H910N are for everyone else. Sony hasn’t announced pricing yet, but we do know they will be going for around £250 in the UK, which means they’ll likely be around $250 when they come to the US. That makes these $100 cheaper than the WH-1000X M3. And it makes them more accessible.


Where things really get impressive though is with the battery life.

The WH-H910N feature some pretty impressive battery life numbers. With noise cancellation turned on, you’re going to get about 35 hours of playback on a single charge. That’s much more than the 20+ hours that the WH-1000X M3 promise.

Sony keeps bringing the headphone game to a new level. It already has the best headphones with the WH-1000X M3, and now it’s looking to get the best pair of headphones under $250 with the WH-H910N. And that is why Sony has earned our Best of IFA 2019 award for the Sony WH-H910N noise cancelling headphones.