Best Of IFA 2019 – Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab

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Lenovo’s new Yoga Smart Tab is the most versatile tablet ever

Lenovo introduced the new Yoga Smart Tab at IFA 2019 earlier this week. And it might look and sound familiar.

That’s because it is essentially a Google Assistant version of the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 that it released earlier this year. The Smart Tab P10 was a tablet that could dock and become an Amazon Alexa smart display. The Yoga Smart Tab is a tablet that can also be a Google Assistant smart display – it doesn’t need the dock.

Being both a tablet and a smart display, makes the Yoga Smart Tab a pretty versatile tablet from Lenovo.


The Yoga Smart Tab is an elegant tablet

The Yoga Smart Tab is a pretty elegant looking tablet. Which might sound odd, since it does look like some older tablets that Lenovo has released over the years. But, it has a built-in stand, and can also hang in your kitchen. Making it easy to take it just about anywhere.

The built-in kickstand comes in handy when you are watching movies on the tablet, especially while traveling. As you won’t need to hold it in your hands. Imagine being on a plane and watching a movie. You can just set it down on the tray-table and watch your movie without holding it for two hours.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab

This kickstand can also be put into four different positions.


It’s a metal slab, with some pretty small bezels all around the screen. And then the cylinder on the side makes it even easier to hold onto the tablet. Something we really loved from the Yoga Tab 3 series that this is replacing.

Lenovo also worked with JBL and Dolby Atmos to provide a really great sound experience with this tablet. Which is super important when it comes to a tablet. Since most people are using tablets to watch movies and videos.

A Google Assistant Smart Display you can take anywhere

Google Assistant smart displays are pretty cool. But the big problem with them is the fact that you have to keep them plugged in. You can’t take them anywhere.


Well the Yoga Smart Tab solves that problem.

You can put the Yoga Smart Tab into Ambient Mode, and it becomes a 10.1-inch Google Assistant Smart Display. One that you can take with you anywhere you go. This makes moving it back and forth around your home much easier. Say you want to take it into the kitchen while you’re cooking? No problem, especially since you can hang it on a cabinet.

A tablet that is also a smart display is pretty amazing, and shows why the Lenovo Yoga Smart Display earned a Best Of IFA 2019 award.