Best Bitcoin Apps For Android


Cryptocurrency trading has been evolving the moment the first Bitcoin became available for mining. Ever since that first node confirmed the existence of Bitcoins everybody has been involved in the race to mine as much as possible or exchange as many as possible.

Fast forward 10 years and we're at a point where almost everybody and their mother has heard of cryptocurrencies, and there are thousands if not tens of thousands of them available.

This creates a bottleneck for people that want to have constant access to these assets, to a point where a completely new career has been created, the "professional crypto trader".


Although it's important to keep track of nearly every coin that's out there in order to maximize one's profits, most of the attention is still being directed to Bitcoin and everything about it. Therefore, we're here to discuss some of the Best Bitcoin apps you can have on your Android device.

These apps will help you stay connected to the blockchain industry even if the nearest PC to you is hundreds of miles away.

Not only will we cover just the wallets in order to show you how smoothly cryptos can move through the blockchain, but also several applications that can provide you with the most important news about the industry, as well as signals, airdrops, and even mining software.


Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit is what's also referred to as a Bitcoin robot. This means that the application uses complicated algorithms in order to determine the trends happening in the crypto market in real-time.

The application then analyzes these trends and makes the most profitable trades for the owner themselves.

The app can, of course, be tweaked in preference of the user, for example, the take profits and stop losses in order to ultimately fine-tune the app.


The marketing of the app was a bit over the top, but it does indeed achieve what it's promoted to generate profits. If you're interested in more information you can check the Inside Bitcoins review on the Bitcoin Profit app to truly dive into not only the technical but the fundamental overview of how the application completes its trades.

Bitcoin Profit is an offshoot of already existing algorithms in the Forex and stock markets. Developers simply had to tune it to the crypto market which is much harder because of the volatility. But thanks to that exact volatility, traders are able to generate around 9% of their deposits as profit per week on average.

The best news? It's free to use but requires a deposit to function.


Cointelegraph App

Cointelegraph is one of the, if not the biggest crypto news websites out there, therefore it would be a shame if they didn't have an application for both Android and iOS users.

Although this app is not directly tied to Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency, it's still very useful to get the latest news about the industry.
The App is pretty straight forward, it has the news section and the section of the market where you can always check up on the prices for pretty much every crypto you can fathom.

Furthermore, the app allows its users to bookmark several articles in order to go back to whenever they're away or have to access it without an internet connection.


Furthermore, this could be one of the best apps for the visually impaired as every article comes with a voice-over AI, that turns all of the written material into audio material, thus allowing users of all kinds to utilize it.

The App also comes with price alerts, which can be customized by the users. All they need to do is choose the coin they want to invest in or already own and tell the app to notify them when a specific price point is achieved.

This allows for immediate action without having to look at the charts all day.


Cobo Wallet

Cobo Wallet is just one of the hundreds of cryptocurrency wallets out there, but it's one of the few that can support 30 coins and more than 500 tokens all at the same time.

The application also features a Dapp store as well as support for PoS tokens. There's not much to say about the wallet as it's just a simple repository for the coins that you generate on the exchanges or mine through some of your miners.

It sure isn't a cold wallet, which doesn't put it in that caliber of security, but when it comes to a wallet that's connected to the blockchain network most of the time, it has all of the procedures and protocols required to deny an unauthorized entry immediately.


If you're a Bitcoin investor but like to glance over some other coins as well, Cobo Wallet could be your way to go as it can pretty much support every popular coin or token.