You Can Get The AUKEY Latitude Earbuds For $18

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Today, Amazon is dropping the price of the AUKEY Latitude Earbuds down to just $17.99.

These are listed at $29.99 over on Amazon, but when you use the promo code M6RYKL6D at checkout, you can get a cool $12 off of the regular price. That’s good for nearly 41-percent off of their regular price. An impressive sale on the AUKEY Latitude Earbuds.

Even at their regular price, these are some impressive headphones. Now with the AUKEY Latitude Earbuds on sale for $18, it’s a steal.


The AUKEY Latitude Earbuds are a really impressive pair of earbuds, and it’s not hard to see why. These are inexpensive already, and offer some really cool features.

We’re looking at about eight hours of battery life out of these. Remember that these are wireless and not truly wireless. So eight hours isn’t the best number, but in this price range, it’s impressive. That’s going to get you through a few workouts or more. And it only takes 90 minutes to fully charge them.

These are also IPX4 rated, making them great for taking to the gym. As you can sweat a ton while wearing these and not worry about damaging them.


You’re also going to get some pretty good sound quality out of the AUKEY Latitude Earbuds. The mids and highs will be pretty clear, with a bit of bass in the lows. It won’t be booming bass like Sony’s headphones and speakers, but it won’t be missing like with Anker’s. AUKEY promises CD quality audio with these. That’s not a lot to boast about, but it’s not bad either.

Remember with these headphones, you’re getting what you pay for. If you’re looking for a premium sound experience, these are not the ones to get. But if you just need a pair to take to the gym, or listen to music on the way to work, then these are a great fit.

You can pick up the AUKEY Latitude Earbuds from Amazon by clicking here.


AUKEY Latitude Earbuds - Amazon - $17.99