This $10 AUKEY Desk Phone Mount Will Change Your Life


The very popular AUKEY phone mount is on sale today over at Amazon.

AUKEY is taking a cool 50-percent off of its regular price, bringing it down to just $10. That is when you use the promo code MSSWUNAS at checkout.

This phone mount from AUKEY is an aluminum mount, and it is also adjustable. Making for a really good looking mount that can hold any smartphone or tablet, of any size.


It has a ledge at the bottom that keeps your phone in place. Just put your phone on the mount and you'll be good to go.

There is a soft silicon base that will keep your phone in place and keep it from sliding off. Always a good thing, especially considering this is a higher mount, and could end up dumping your phone on the floor.

It also has a 35-degree tilt range, so depending on how you want your phone on your desk, this phone mount can handle that too. This would be a really good mount for using with DeX, as you can reach everything with this mount, including the fingerprint sensor for authentication.


So how can this phone mount change your life? Well one, it gets your phone up and out of the way. It also keeps it protected while you're sitting at your desk. There is also a hole in the ledge so that you can charge your phone while its mounted. And it puts your phone in plain sight so you can see texts and other notifications as they come in. That's especially thanks to many phones having an always-on display available.

Ok, it may not change your life, but it will definitely make it better. You can pick up the AUKEY Phone Mount from Amazon by clicking here. Make sure to use the promo code MSSWUNAS at checkout.

AUKEY Phone Mount - Amazon - $10