The Next AT&T TV NOW Casualties Might Be ESPN & Disney Channel


ESPN and Disney Channel could be two of the latest AT&T TV NOW casualties.

A carriage dispute between AT&T and The Walt Disney Co. has now come to light. It currently remains unclear whether this dispute will be resolved or whether it will result in a channel blackout.

In terms of the latter, it is unclear when that might happen although it is believed the current deal is due to end sometime this month.


AT&T TV Now runs the risk of losing Disney channels

The dispute revolves around ABC, ESPN, Disney, and Freeform. Therefore all of these channels are currently at risk along with a number of locals.

Disney started warning AT&T TV and DIRECTV customers directly that a dispute was ongoing. In addition to the possibility this might result in a blackout.

Since then, AT&T has confirmed the two are in talks and that it was disappointed that Disney had put “viewers in the middle of negotiations.”


Both companies have also said they hope to agree terms.

AT&T disputes mounting up

This is only the latest dispute AT&T finds itself in. The company had only just got passed two different disputes that resulted in channel blackouts for a number of users. Those previously ones were with CBS and Nexstar.

The latter of the two proved to be harder to resolve and only came to an end on August 29.


Likewise, Disney is currently already in the middle of a separate dispute with Dish Network over Dish and Sling TV access to FX and National Geographic.

AT&T & Disney face off the first of many?

AT&T and Disney are currently two of the biggest movers within the streaming industry. Both companies are in the process of readying high profile streaming services.

What's more, AT&T’s HBO Max and Disney’s Disney+ are expected to directly go head to head over subscribers.


Whether or not that has any direct impact on the current negotiations remains to be seen. However, it is unlikely to help matters with both companies already having invested heavily in their own direct-to-consumer services.

Disney+ is due to launch in November priced at $6.99 per month. It will also be available as part of a bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu for $12.99 per month.

HBO Max is likely to soft launch later in the year before rolling out nationwide in 2020. AT&T has yet to confirm pricing but reports suggest it will be roughly $15 to $17 per month.