ASUS VivoWatch SP Announced With A ECG And Blood Pressure Monitor

VivoWatch SP

ASUS unveiled the VivoWatch SP during the IFA 2019 which is taking place in Berlin right now. With an ECG and PPG sensor, the smartwatch is being billed as a personalized health tracker. This is a relatively new phenomenon in the wearables sector as vendors brand their accessories as something more than mere exercise trackers.

VivoWatch SP Can Proactively Monitor Health

The VivoWatch SP can track a range of vital statistics, which sounds incredibly useful. It’s more of a health monitor, that will not just help you stay on track with your fitness regime, but also alert you if it detects that something is off.

In addition to monitoring your heart rate and blood pressure with embedded sensors, it can also calculate the amount of oxygen in your body with the Pulse OX feature. And not just that, the watch also offers autonomic nervous system tracking. It can also track your stress levels and sleep pattern.


For adventures, there is a built-in GPS and an altimeter. On top of that, the watch also provides personalized fitness tips. Basically the recorded activity is sent to the Asus HealthConnect App which then uses the proprietary HealthAI algorithm to offer health management tips. The Taiwanese company says that the advice is sourced from leading health experts.

The blood pressure and ECG sensors can be game-changing. Sure, a couple of companies including Apple already offer smartwatches with ECG sensors, but the number is still small. This means ASUS can potentially attract a lot of consumers with these features. Although the company says that the ECG sensor inside its latest wearables is medical-grade, it’s not known if its FDA approved. It also remains to be seen how the blood pressure monitor works and how accurate it is.

The Watch’s Design Is Nothing To Write Home About

The VivoWatch SP can last 14 days on a single charge. However, using the watch in GPS mode might cause the power to run out faster. The smartwatch is waterproof up to 50 meters. The design is a bit on the bland side but you can change accessory bands to spice it. The case is made of plastic and it has a button on the right hand. It also looks like the display has a low resolution. The watch features ceramic bezels so there are no fingerprint smudges.  You will also be able to receive notifications from your smartphone on the watch. Moreover, it will also be able to send text messages using it.


The watch will make it to the market towards the last quarter of the year. The company hasn’t revealed the locations it will be released in. The price of the smartwatch is also not known but hopefully, it will be announced as the launch date gets closer. The ECG sensor is one of the main reasons behind the success of the Apple Watch Series 4 but it’s not really pocket-friendly. Keeping the price low can help ASUS target those consumers who want to try out the ECG feature without breaking the bank.