ASUS Finally Ships $499 ZenFone 6 Flagship In The U.S.

asus zenfone 6

ASUS is finally ready to unleash its ZenFone 6 flagship killer in the U.S., following months of false starts. According to recent reports, the phones vary in price to match variances in specifications and can be found on the official ASUS website. Each will ship with the same processor, cameras, and other internals intact.

The primary differences are going to come down to memory and storage. Starting at $499, users can pick up the handset with 64GB of storage and 6GB RAM. For $50 more, buyers can double the space for apps, media, and other files. Finally, at $599.99, ASUS is selling the ZenFone 6 with 8GB of RAM coupled with 256GB of onboard storage.

The only option for coloration is ASUS’s high-shine Midnight Black. For the time being, Twilight Silver is sold out. Conversely, another special edition device was available — called Edition 30 and packing 12GB RAM with 512GB storage — for a more traditional cost of $899.99. But that’s already been sold out too.


ZenFone 6 brings exceptional value to the U.S.

Due mostly to its incredible pricing, it’s difficult to refer to the ASUS ZenFone 6 as a flagship. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t one. Launched near the beginning of the year, the first noteworthy point is that this phone is powered by a Qualcomm-built Snapdragon 855 SoC. That’s the same powerhouse found in phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10 series.

The battery powering that is a 5,000mAh capacity unit capable of charging at 18W for rapid refills and supporting 10W reverse charging via OTG cable.

But setting aside Zen UI-topped Android 9 Pie out-of-the-box and a near-certain update to Android 10, the cameras are the showstopper for this ASUS. There are only two cameras in use here and no traditional selfie camera. On the back panel, above the fingerprint scanner in a horizontal configuration, ASUS includes a 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor. That’s coupled with a 13-megapixel ultrawide sensor.


ASUS set the cameras on a flipping mechanism. When activated, that rolls forward to act as a selfie-snapper, giving users one of the best such options around. That leaves almost the entire front available for a 6.4-inch fullHD+ display panel. It also leaves plenty of edge space, helping ASUS leave a 3.5mm audio jack in place alongside stereo speakers.

Why the long wait?

No reasoning has been given yet for the wait between the ASUS ZenFone 6 being announced and its arrival in the U.S. Between today and then, the phone has been teased for the region almost since inception.

That started with a contest that suggested it would become available in July. Following off from that, pre-orders opened in August online at B&H Photo. Puzzlingly, those pre-orders are still open at that site but there’s still no ship date listed. The same holds true for Amazon, which lists the phone as unavailable but it should be arriving soon.


There’s no indication as to when the phones will begin shipping from either of those sites but ASUS is reportedly shipping phones immediately. So users at GSM carriers in the U.S. can finally pick up the flagship-level device for a much better price than they’d get for similar specs and capabilities in other smartphones.