This $19 Anker Power Strip Brings AC & USB Outlets Everywhere


There's a brand new Anker Power Strip out there, and for just $19, it's actually a really good buy. This should actually cost closer to $30.

This power strip has two AC outlets and two USB outlets. The USB-A outlets do also include Power IQ, so you can get fast charging speeds out of this power strip. It'll allow you to charge four devices simultaneously.

Power IQ will allow you to charge your phone "fast". It is not the fastest charging out there, but it is pretty fast. And it's especially useful for those that have phones that are not capable of Quick Charge 3.0, like the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 9 smartphones.


This is also a pretty compact power strip, which makes it really good for traveling.

Speaking of traveling, this is great for the hotel room, since they never have enough outlets in the room. And the outlets are always in weird spots that are tough to get too. Now, with this power strip, that won't be an issue. This is because it has a 5-foot long cable, so that you can plug it in and set it on a desk somewhere.

That also makes it really good for using at your desk at home or at work. Especially since you do have AC and USB outlets available.


If you are looking for a good power strip to take with you when you are traveling, then this is going to be a really good option. There are definitely others out there, but at this price, you won't find anything that's better. Especially given how compact this one is. It also has ports on all sides, so that they aren't in the way of other things that you need to plug in.

You can pick up the Anker Power Strip from Amazon by clicking here.

Anker Power Strip - Amazon - $19