Android 10-Based OxygenOS 10 Now Rolling Out To The OnePlus 7 Series

OxygenOS Android 10 OnePlus 7 series 1

OnePlus has started rolling out Android 10 for the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. The company started rolling out this update in the form of OxygenOS 10.0, which is OnePlus’ Android overlay.

This update arrived to the two devices less than a month after Google released it for its Pixel phones. Google released Android 10 stable build on September 3, in case you were wondering.

OnePlus actually managed to start offering the very first Android 10-based beta build on September 3. That build, the so-called Open Beta 1, was followed by Open Beta 2 on September 18.


Following two beta updates, and the stable build is here. OnePlus will continue releasing “Open Beta” software for the two phones, of course.

Here are the changes OxygenOS 10 & Android 10 are bringing

Now, OnePlus released a changelog for this update on its official forums. Not all tiny changes are listed in it, as Android 10 comes with a ton of improvements / changes, but the main features are included on this list.

Aside from changing your version of Android from Android 9 Pie to Android 10, you’ll also get some UI tweaks. Location permissions have been enhanced, for privacy’s sake. On top of that, a new customization feature has been added to “Settings” in order to allow you to choose icon shapes for “Quick Settings”.


The company has added Google’s full screen gestures here as well, and tweaked them a bit. You will not see a straight line on the bottom of the display. If you swipe up, you’ll go home, while you need to swipe from either left or right screen edge to go back.

In addition to that, you can swipe left and right across that line to move between applications. OnePlus also included some of its own gestures into these gestures in order to give you some options. OnePlus’ very own gestures navigation system is an option in the Settings as well.

A new “Game Space” feature has been added in OxygenOS 10.0 as well. This feature joins your favorite games in one place for easier access, says the company.


“Smart Display” is now here. It offers you “Intelligent info” based on specific times, locations, and events for Ambient Display. You can enable this by going to Settings -> Display -> Ambient Display -> Smart Display.

In the Messages app, you can now block spam by keywords, if you want. You can access this feature from the Settings in your Messages app.

OxygenOS 10 is rolling out as we speak, gradually

OxygenOS 10.0 is rolling out to the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro users as we speak. Do note that this is a staged rollout. It will hit a limited number of users initially, and reach everyone else in a couple of days, if not critical bugs end up being discovered. It is also worth noting that using a VPN to download this update will do you no good, and that you will not get the update if you have Open Beta software installed.